Wednesday, September 28, 2011

James wins again...

Sophie, the giraffe: 0
James: 100

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Running, running, running.....

So this past weekend I got one step closer to the halfer... I did my first race since senior year of college (more about that below)! I was a bit nervous (not sure why, it was just a 5k, but I figured I better get over the jitters sooner rather than later.)

Here is a pic of our little fam after the race. Jimmy just strolled James around while I ran and they were waiting for me at the finish line. We were apart of the "Horvath's Heroes" for the Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure.

Part of my training involves a little "cross training" so I try to go to the gym, but on the days we just can't seem to make it I try to do a workout DVD at home. Yesterday I was attempting The Biggest Loser's Cardio Max.... and in the midst of doing lunges little Miss Sadie finagled her little way in between my legs and rolled over. I just had to grab my phone to take a pic... silly puppy :) ... One thing is fo' sho,' Sadie sure ain't no Bob or Jillian!

Soooo the last 5k I did before the one last Saturday? Was the day after I introduced my brother and sister-in-law, Joykens! I had signed up for USC's Dance Marathon 5k, and had semi-trained for it. Well, Hunter was coming in town the night before. So Kathryn (a friend from high school/college) and I decided to plan a little get together at Meritage so that we could get Joy and Hunter together. I knew I had a race the next day, but what was a little wine the night before? Ha.

I took one for the team to help entertain these two all night. Ha, just kidding. If you know those two you know they keep each other easily entertained, but I stayed with them (and the group) all. night. long. It was a rough race to say the least..... and it is funny to see the difference now... The morning of this race I had to wake up at 6am to pump, get James fed, changed, etc....

Life is certainly different, but in a great way. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Blond or Brown?

So James' hair turning blond or staying brown? Only time will tell! :)

In the light it glistens like blond... But then again there is some new dark brown growth.

Only time can tell, but one thing is for sure... James has lost a lot of hair in 5 months! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

James is FIVE months old

Good gosh man! A lot happens in five months with an adorable yittle munchkin! :) James is officially five months and a day old, and just the cutest, most adorable thing ever.

I have a confession to make - the first few weeks were really tough and I was a little emotional one night (imagine)... and I remember laying in bed talking to Jimmy after a 2am feeding or scream fest - I can't remember which one - but I remember talking to Jimmy and getting very upset and telling him, "This isn't what I thought it was going to be like."

Well, THIS, my friends is what I thought it would be like....

James is laughing, talking, rolling, just hammin' it up and I'm loving it up. I remember posting about "The good, the bad and the ugly" of a newborn... Well now I'd like to post about "the good, the bad and the funny" of a 5 month old, because come on, there ain't nothing ugly about a 5 month old! :)

*Sleeping through the night. In fact this morning I decided to just let him go (I've been waking the little guy up at 7:30 a.m.) and he woke up at 8:10 a.m. Amazeballs.
*Laughing a lot. I think James and I are going to get along very well. He apparently thinks my corny jokes, faces, etc are funny, which just makes my day.
*Turning into a person. He has started figuring out he has hands... So he'll reach out and grab my nose, or my lips and he starts dying laughing when I respond. He is going to have quite the little personality.
*Cradle cap is gonnnne! Thank you Selson Blue and little brush-a-roo....
*Babywise is paying off - little boy has learned how to put himself to sleep! He goes down for almost all of his naps immediately without any fussing and wide awake. At first it was a pain in the you know what, but now I see why everyone says it is totally worth it. He has learned to sleep, so he is well rested, so he is happy, so mommy is happy. Win, win for the whole team! :)

*Spitting up all the time... Still. Ugh. But maybe, just maybe, when we start solids next month it will help? Fingers crossed.
*Nursing is getting tough. I thought I'd put this under "the funny" but let's be honest - it's just annoying (except for when he just wants to unlatch and stare and laugh at me, then it's okay :). So James is a pretty big "nosse-piece" in the words of my friend Emily Apple's mom... He'll be latched on, nursing good and he'll hear Sadie, or Jimmy, or the phone, or the wind for goodness sake and his head immediately turns to check it out. Then it takes a good five minutes or so to get him back on. Ughhhh... Quite annoying.

*Little man is a rolling pin! I put him on his little "gymnasium" I don't really know what to officially call it, but the little thing that they have toys hanging down from.... Well, can't really do that much longer. He rolls off of it in 10 seconds flat. Although the last couple of days he has forgotten how to roll over form his tummy to his back again....
*James squawks like a bird (all. the. time). Every time I'm on the phone with someone they ask, "What is that noise?" Yeah... That's James squawking like a bird. It's like his way of communicating when he'd like some more attention. I'm afraid he's going to be loud like his mom, instead of quiet and charming like his daddy...
*This is more of "sweet" than funny - but he has turned in to the biggest thumb sucker. And, although this is totally politically incorrect to say, but he loves his thumb like a smoker loves a cigarette. He'll be latched on, nursing, and then he'll pop off, roll his head to the side, take a couple sucks on the ol' thumb, then roll his head back over to me, and start nursing again. It is quite funny...


For heaven's sake don't look at me in this picture, but I think it is hilarious of James... This was the morning of his first USC Gameday.

I haven't figured out how to flip pics in blogger, so tilt your head to the right :) - Pic of James and Daddy on Gameday 2011

Every baby needs a nakie shot:

James, taking bets for USC:

Jimmy loved introducing James to Marcus Lattimore:

He's doing great sans-swaddle.... Hands are typically behind the head like he is laying out in the sun... Hard to see in this pic, but it's all I got!

He has started making this adorable pouty face.. This isn't really it, but, again, it is all I got!

Grandpa & Grandma came to visit last weekend:

Doesn't he look like a little boy??

Holding his head up, good and strong!

Me & my babies :) (James has started getting a BIG kick out of Sadie now...)

Hahaha... thumb-sucker addict

Yesterday we said, "Peace out swaddle!" (Although we quit swaddling his arms, we were still swaddling his legs.) This was right when James was waking up from a nap, pulling his thumb out of his mouth. So sweet :)

FIVE MONTH PHOTO SHOOT (we had bit of "a day" yesterday, so his "shoot" was done in his PJ's right before bed :):

Monday, September 19, 2011

Half Marathon Motivation

So, as I posted in an earlier post, I am signed up for the Half Marathon. *SIGH* What the H, E double hockey sticks was I thinking? Somebody cute and only 14 pounds heavy takes up basically every single free minute of my life, how am I ever going to get to the point I can run 13.1 miles?

Well yesterday I went on a little jog to "keep the legs fresh" as those REAL runners call it. (However, I am not keeping the legs fresh. Goodness, I'm still trying to get them warmed up to this idea!)

Anywho. As of last week the furthest I had run without a mini-walk break was 2.5 miles (don't hate, at least I'm honest!). So yesterday I decided to attempt the 4.0 mile run. Well, I did it. Without any mini-breaks of walking. I did it all in our crazy-hilly neighborhood. I trotted along. But the run also made me appreciate music... and... the 90's.

Right as I approached the 3.0 mile mark I was thinking to myself, "Man. This kind of sucks. How am I seriously going to run 13.1 miles?"

... but that is right when the ol' faithful ipod pulled one through. A "throw back" from 1997 (I think). "Da Dip."

It's amazing what a little music can do! I pushed through and jogged the entire 4.0 miles. Only 9.1 more to go. Whew, can I do it?

Sure, but only if  I put my hand up on my hip... When I dip you dip I dip....

For your viewing pleasure (James if you ever watch this many years down the road. Don't judge your mama...):

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just give me a blankie...

... and call me Lionel (sp?).

James is turning into quite the thumb sucker! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hope to see ya soon...

... oh coveted 4 hour schedule. We aren't quite ready for you... But we hope to see ya for good real soon.

Sigh.... :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Working Mom SUCCESS!

So, as stated in a previous post - I decided not to go back to the Greenville Chamber and manage PULSE - one of my most favorite jobs of all time.... but am staying home with James... AND working. Sheesh, it sounds a lot easier than it is!

I am absolutely blessed to be able to stay at home, but to help us make the ends meet I'm managing some commercial property in Simpsonville for my dad. It's been tough figuring out how to juggle both tasks, but slowly but surely I'm getting how to balance both new mommy skills and property manager skills.

And today, my friends, was a successful day for this working stay at home mommy. I got one of our largest office spaces (which has been vacant for awhile now) rented. Signed, sealed and delivered with the check in hand. Hollaaaaaa!

How am I going to celebrate you may ask? I'm attempting to drop a feeding for James and scoot him over to the amazing 4-hour schedule I've heard so much about. Probably a stupid thing to try, but hey - you never know what will happen until you try. So here's hoping the four-hour schedule sticks.... and SOMEBODY continues to sleep through the night! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Turning into a thumb sucker...

So long fingers! Hello thumb!

I LOVE a little 4 month old....

I just wanted to say that by far, a four month old baby is my favorite.... right now.

James is soooooooo funny and sweet and just amazing! The first few months I kept looking onward to the future but I'm trying to follow my mom's advice in, "not wishing your life away." So here are my favorite James-isms at 4 months old, enjoying him just as he is:

1) LAUGHING: Little boy looooves to laugh. He also does those deep-gutted laughs that you know he really thinks something is funny.

A couple nights ago it was a rare occurrence that Jimmy was home when I was putting him down for bed (four days until the end of Busy Season, whoo hoo!). We did our thing - fed, changed diaper, but on jammies, read a book and then gave lots of kisses and hugs. Then it was time to swaddle his little legs and put him to bed. Well right after I swaddled his legs I put him on my shoulder and Jimmy just happened to yawn while sitting in the glider. James started D-Y-I-N-G laughing... He thought it was so funny. So Jimmy kept fake yawning and James thought it was hysterical. It literally brought tears to Jimmy and my eyes. Who knew a tiny 14 pound booboohead could make us laugh so hard?

(PS-Other moms out there.... I'm only swaddling his legs to keep him warm. When can you just use a blanket? Or are you really not supposed to do that until they are like a year? He definitely can't handle just a blanket now. I've tried it and in less than 3 minutes - that blanket is pretty much pulled over his head. Any insight would be greatly appreciated..)

2) WAKING UP HAPPY: For the majority of James' naps - when it is time to wake up, he slowly wakes up (he is like his mama in that sense - he likes to slowly wake up, don't rush him for goodness sake!)... but when he is awake he is all smiles. When we go in to get him and we look in the crib, he looks at us and squeals in delight. He's like, "Oh my goooooodness! You're here! Let's get up and PLAY!"

3) EYES ON MOMMY: James will follow me when I go around the room and it is so funny. Earlier this morning I had him on his little jungle-gym on his back, playing... Well I walked in the kitchen to fix some coffee and he followed me to where he was almost in a back bend... When we made eye contact he started grinning from ear to ear. What a cutie. :)

4) FIGURING THINGS OUT: We've been giving James some toys and doo-dads to "play" with but you know a newborn, they just kind of stare at it like, "Whacha want me to do with THAT?!" Well now, he is playing and it is so neat to watch him figure things out.

He grabs things, puts EVERYTHING in his mouth (or tries to, at least), and gets a kick out of it all. He has also started trying to figure out Sadie, which is so funny. For the first time he was watching Sadie and started laughing. (Sadie really liked that.) I have a feeling those two are going to have lots 'o fun in the coming months!

I could go on for days, but those are my favorite, top 4 things of 4 months old.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Yay Pop is on the mend!

Today we are celebrating Pop's surgery going well! Yesterday he had triple bypass, open heart surgery and none of us were expecting it. To say it shook us all up is an understatement...

But God works in mysterious ways and we are SO thankful the blockage was found before it caused a heart attack.

Here is to a quick recovery because the good Lord above knows Dad can NOT sit still for long periods of time.

Life is good... God is good!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ready for kickoff!

James was takin' bets for the Gamecocks' first game of 2011 against East Carolina...

Update:: Gamecocks won! Final score: USC - 56, ECU - 37.....

*The Gamecocks didn't start out so hot, and poor James only got to "see" the ugly. He was sound asleep when they started playing well and Jimmy and I joked that we ought to wake him up so that he would actually see them playing well. Ha, we did NOT do that... We thoroughly enjoyed watching the game at home, and Jimmy and I also reminisced on how "game days" are much, much different now.... for the better, of course! :)


Cocks! I don't know what Jimbo is more excited for... The Gamecock's first game of the year... Or James' first official game! (I think the later :)

This is one of two outfits for the day. The jersey is on hold for 4pm to protect it from any blow outs! ;-)

Gooooooo cocks! Fight! Win!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Farewell Bassinet and Newborn Days :(

So, it's kind of bitter sweet... The first baby-baby item leaving our house. Ahhhh! :) :(

It's bitter because it means he is officially getting so big and growing up... I know I've been looking forward to this age, because 4 months is soooo much fun, but it is a little sad how quickly his newborn stage flew by.

It's sweet because the bassinet that has been in the family for DECADES (I won't say how many, for Robin's sake, ha!) has made its way to the Cook's house for the next family baby.
My grandmother and her sister made the bassinet for my oldest cousin, Robin. It has stayed in the family and we have all napped in it - all my siblings, my cousins (on my mom's side), my nieces and nephews and now my son. How amazing is that?

Picture of the bassinet full of gifts from my Baby Shower back in February:

James' first official picture in the bassinet:

Are we sure that is James?:)

James fist-pumping, saying hello while sister Sadie is keeping a watchful eye on him :)

My sweet, crazy-haired boy, sleeping... Amazing how all of that hair fell out!

When he started taking all his naps in his crib, we used the bassinet as a diaper changing station downstairs.... Here is a pic of James getting a kick out of yours truly... :) I love that he is too young to realize I'm just down right cheesy, and not funny....

Haha, what a cheeseball... Here is the last official picture of James in the bassinet:

All the names of everyone who has napped in the bassinet, with James' last:

Zoomed in to his name:

Frannie taking the bassinet to her house to get ready for Baby Cook!

Can't wait to watch that long list get even longer with a big family full of babies! Life is good....