Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Much better week!

So last week Jimmy was gone from early Sunday until late Thursday and of course James was a pill. For those of you who have read the Yaya Sisterhood (or seen the movie) -- you know the part where the mama is handling all ... what? four kids?... on her own and they 4 all of a sudden start throwing up an having diarrhea and she completely loses her cool and just "runs away" - I felt her pain last week... However I did not run away and I was only dealing with one child and there was no throw up nor diarrhea.... (So yes, things could have been much worse! Thanks to my parents for always teaching me to find the positive in every situation, ha!)

Here are two pics of Mr. Grump from last week:

(Yeah the above pic definitely does NOT get me nominated for mom of the year....)

But after an amazing Mothers Day weekend, thanks to my amazing hubby and now-behaving child we are off to a much better, and funnier week.

The first pic above was of James in the waiting room at the OB with me. Although that wasn't "fun" my little man was a trooper. We were there for well over an hour, waiting, ugh. And he - although "busy" as the nurses liked to call it :) - was super, considering....

And just now I was putting him down for his nap and we were in the midst of our routine: change diaper, put blinds down, read two books, say prayers and then I sing him a song (for naps it is the "skinna-marinky-dink" song from The Elephant show circa 1988? And the night time song is the popular song from the movie 3 Men and a Baby -- "goodnight sweetheart well it's time to go..."

Well today James said, "No mama. James sing!" So I started chuckling and said, "Okay, J-man... Sing away." So James started immediately giggling and smiling a HUGE smile and then he belted out "Goooooooooodniiiiiiiiight!" And then he completely lost it and was dying laughing. He then proceeded to keep "singing" while dying laughing....

He is such a ham biscuit and I'm so glad we are not only having a much better week but that he knows how to find joy in the simplest of things. Maybe that should be a good reminder for my next "bad week" as I am sure there will be many more in my future... You gotta take the bad to really appreciate the good! :)

Happy Tuesday all!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Son vs Brother?

Who knew raising a son would be somewhat like growing up with brothers... A moment ago James was literally climbing all over me, falling over me, etc -- trying to get me to wrestle with him like his daddy does. When I wouldn't (the large baby in my belly is a deterrent) he started hitting my head. I quickly got on to him and said, "No! You don't hit!" ... and he raised his hand, smiled, slowly stuck a finger out and stuck it in my ear and said, "Mommy, eee-ahh." With an ear-to-ear grin.

.... always trying to get a rise out of me... Sons and brothers. :-) haha....

I got news for you little James -- you are gonna get a taste of your own medicine once baby brother gets here.... :)

Here's a pic of him in action:

Life is crazy, but good...