Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Look Mama! Look!"

So I was realizing I hadn't taken a video of James lately and I was shocked since SOMEBODY is pretty hilarious these days.. James is talking, dancing, jumping, etc... Two is such a fun (and challenging-ha!) age!!!

The other day I was at Target getting some items. I decided to pick J-man out a pair of pajamas -- of course they HAD to have a truck on them... Well he was very excited about his $10 new pair of PJs. Last night, after his bath, we put the new PJs on and he kept screaming, "Loooook Mama! Loooook!" while excitedly pointing at the trucks plastered on the legs of his pants. It was too cute!

Well this morning we (James and I) were still asleep (Jimbo, our overachiever was running :) haha) and then all of a sudden I heard over the monitor at 7:58 a.m., "Look Mama!!!! Look!!" and he was pointing at his pants. Twelve hours later he is still SO excited about those silly PJs.

I thought it was so funny the first thing out of his mouth this morning was about those truck PJs. So of course I captured it on video... It is black at first - because I started "taping" as soon as I opened the door to his room. And this video is testament to how Jman does NOT forget. As soon as he showed me his PJs, he reminded me that Dada was taking him to the pool today. Something we told him last night.

What a silly, smart boy... We love you so very, very much!!!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Fun

So in being a second time mom I am fully aware of the fact that once little man, Wyatt, is here -- I will go into seclusion for awhile. :) The newborn's schedule and lack of immunization doesn't really make for many fun trips here and there...

SO, with that being said I'm taking every advantage of every activity we possibly can before Mr. W makes his grand entrance....

Today we found a new, fun find! We went about 30 minutes away from our home to Lake Allatoona. A new friend who is a nanny for a family in our neighborhood invited us to tag along, and I'm glad we went! I'm not much of a lake gal.... I'm much more of a beach go-er but this lake was very beach like! Who would have thought there were lakes out there with sandy white "beaches?!"

Some pics of our fun:

Jman loved the water and so did mommy. I literally sat in the water and he played where he could stand. A win-win!

Then we came home with one tuckered out little boy (this is James about to fall asleep in my lap right before his nap):

Yay for lots o' summer fun! :) Hope you all are also enjoying your summer!! :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Surfs up!

James had his first official swim lesson today with Miss Allison...

It was quite comical.... James was bossy as ever but I think he did great! He certainly earned his rare treat of 100% apple juice in a box! No way to water those bad boys down. ;-)

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! James and I are trying to squeeze as much pool time in as we can before baby brother, Wyatt, arrives! (Yes, we already have a name!)

.... 2 months to go... 9 weeks.... But I'm not sure how long I will last. HA!