Thursday, January 26, 2012

James loves...

James loves music -- especially the tunes of this little lantern Grammy and Grandpa gave him (the songs Jimmy and I just can't seem to get out of our heads) -- see pic below. )

James loves softly petting my eye lashes while I feed him his bottle. I like to think of these as "our" little butterfly kisses...

James loves typical baby things: being tossed up in the air, putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, getting raspberries on his belly, splashing in the bath, stuffing "puffs" in his mouth, etc...

James loves his doggie, Sadie...

He loves communicating with you by going "ooooh" while grunting.. Over and over and... :)

He loves eating full bananas -- I think he feels like a big kid... Or trying to take a bite of my apple -- he always dies laughing from it...

He really loves the song Ba-ba black sheep... And will go from crocodile tears to loud laughs by you singing it...

James loves looking out the window -- especially at Nana and Pops.

He loves being tickled on his back...

He especially loves his family -- all of you! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Elizabeth has been showered....

... now we just wait for her big arrival! :)

So I'm hoping as you read all the posts I've posted today you realize -- WE'VE BEEN UP TO A LOT -- and that explains the lack of posting... We had Christmas with tons of visitors (forgot to mention "Uncle JP" and his (now) fiance Rachel came and we even got to see Paul! Then after Christmas we went to the mountains and then as soon as we got home I started getting ready for Frannie's shower!

Fran's due date is March 1, 2012, but we all are betting she will make her grand entrance in late February (except for those who want to catch the wrath of Fran - ha!).

Here are some photos from the big day! I thought it was really special because it was in Craig and Tricia's house - the house we 4 kids grew up in. Kind of neat to celebrate Fran and David's little girl in the house that already holds so many memories.... :)

The dinning room with all the yummy food all the hostesses helped prepare (Joy, Tricia, Heather, Meredith and Lauren -- y'all were amazing co-hosts... I'd host a partay with you gals ANYday!)

A pic of Fannie on the deck of the house we were celebrating her in! :) She was such a cutie... "What happened?!" Wahh... wahhhhh :)

This was the "coming home" outfit Fran and I both wore... It was a Christian Dior gown that mom had bought in "NEW YORK CITAY" (that needs to be read in a country slang kind of way)... If you squint - you can see a tiny picture of Frannie and she has the gown on! Also - the diaper cake is compliments of all the diapers James outgrew....


Preggers punch!

Another smocked dress Frannie wore when she was little (that Elizabeth will also wear!)..

We didn't play games because basically my mom and grandmothers (and aunts for that matter) would veto going to the shower if we had them... SO :) in place of games -- we had a couple of "stations" for people to participate in if they wanted.... Here was "Advice for Mommy & Daddy" -- something expecting parents get plenty of - but this was the nitty gritty.... What they REALLY need to know :)

Fran's Christmas smocked dress (again - picture is of Frannie as a baby with Hunter and Craig holding her :)

Another "station" -- this was "Warm wishes for baby Elizabeth...." I can't wait to read through these... Mary Sims told me about her responses "I hope you learn not to drink your mommy's "cokes"'.... "I hope you never tell your mommy and daddy if you bought something full price..." :) hahaha......

The mantel where we'll put all the gifts! Notice the diaper wreath (thank you internet for help in creating all these DIY pieces!)... (Go ahead, PIN it - you know you want to!)

Close up of wreath with Baby E's initials (eCb -- Elizabeth Baldwin Cook)

Joy got tons of monogrammed onesies for Ellie... Elizabeth... E... whatever we decide to call her :)

All the hostesses with our pretty little preggo girl! :) (From left to right: Heather, Joy, Lauren, FRANNIE, me, Tricia, Meredith -- love you ladies!)

Mom, Frannie and I (and Baby E!)

I'd say she racked up, wouldn't you?! (notice the bassinet!)



Mom & Grandmama...

Me and Fannie :) <3

Frannie in her element... opening gifts and having her picture taken... her form of HEAVEN!

That little girl is going to be one well dressed baby!

Everyone ooowing and ahhhing over her gifts...

A "Cook Couch" wahh, wahhhhh

A "Baldwin Couch"!

That Joy -- she's a talker :)

Sisters by chance... Best friends by choice - LOVE U FANNIE!

Frannie & I with our grandmothers!

Frannie with Mamma Cook & Mamma Howard...

Love this pic...

Fran and David -- y'all are going to be amazing parents... Baby Elizabeth - we can't wait for you to come into this world so we can hold you, love you and kiss you! We haven't even met you and we love you so very much. Here's to building the memories with another one of God's miracles..... :)

9 months old

Again - today I am doing some major blog catch up while on a spotty internet connection in a hotel in Atlanta....

Over the past month James has officially learned the "army crawl." He isn't quite crawling, crawling but he basically drags himself across the room by just using his arms... As soon as he learns how to incorporate those legs - we are in trouble!

He has an immense about of energy. He is constantly looking around, reaching for something (9 times out of 10 - things he is NOT supposed to have).

He has recently realized that there are things to touch and feel on those touch and feel books and he gets a huge kick out of them. He has started reaching for people, which I (of course) love... but he has also started having a little bit of "separation anxiety." When Ian and Britine were visiting Dr. Kane told us how this typically starts at 8 months.... It's hard but we are trying really hard to help him get out of this stage.

Now - since this is a major catch up - this is an entire month worth of happenings, which includes the biggest holiday of the year -- CHRISTMAS. So, just a warning - this blog is probably the longest yet... So prop up your feet, get a cup of joe and enjoy our memories....

The day after J turned 8 months - the Kane's headed on to A-town, and our next guests arrived -- Grammy & Grandpa... But before we could say goodbye, we had to take a group pic in front of the tree... We kept joking that lots had changed since freshman year of college :)

When Cheryl & Chuck (aka Grammy and Grandpa) got there, it was as though Santa's sleigh had arrived! James has no idea just how spoiled he was. He got to open his very first Christmas present when they got there... He kind of did it himself... Kind of not....


He literally started laughing once the gift was all opened and he saw the baby on front. It was priceless!

We celebrated "Christmas morning" with Grammy and Grandpa the morning of December 23 -- so here are some photos from our morning of celebrations... Aka James' show! (here he doesn't know which is better -- his thumb or his new toy)

Our little squirmy wormy was ready to play and sick of opening :)

J got his very own rocking chair!

He seemed to enjoy rocking (and sliding)!

Jimmy was surprised with an early Birthday gift, amongst all the Christmas gifts, with a red ryder bee-bee gun - haha.... Just kidding! His very own SHOTGUN! Watch out quail... Jimbo's gonna find you! Here's a photo of "the boys" (and Sadie pouting)

Grammy, Grandpa and James - Christmas 2011

That evening was the annual "Cousins Christmas" party at Robin & Terry's house... So Grammy and Grandpa took on grandparent duty and watched Baby J while Jimmy and I went out for a bit!

Good thing the boys were trying to be funny and not smile.... oh and just noticed Hunter's nice gesture... Way to take a great picture, guys!

James and Daddy playing after church on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Family Photo

Christmas Eve - Mommy and James 2011

Introducing James to our Christmas Eve dinner :)

Santa came to see James -- Christmas Day 2011!

Jimmy was so proud -- not only did Santa bring James a football -- it was the first gift he grabbed out of his stocking! :)

Nana and Pop came over for Christmas Morning Brunch!

After naps and showers, we ventured over to "the Loft" aka Nana and Pop's for Christmas evening fun with the Howards... Everyone was there!

Christmas craziness -- exactly how they always were. I love my family :)

Everyone digging into their Christmas surprises...

A boys photo -- James-ee-poo was already alseep in Nana and Pop's bedroom... Those 7pm bedtimes are really nice at times, but they can also get in the way in others.... BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING!

After Christmas, Jimmy, James and I packed up and headed to the mountains for a little R&R and for our own family NYE fun.... Here is the view from our cabin:

Our first night we went to eat at Hard Rock Cafe and I reminisced to when I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain... That was our go-to place to eat when we were all homesick and just wanted some ice in our drinks and ranch dressing on our salads!

James seemed to dig all the music (and noise) all around... It was yummy!

After we got back to the cabin, and put baby J to sleep.... We had a little R&R of our own in the hot tub! 7pm bedtimes are nice for mommy and daddy! :)

A little NYE smile :)

J and I on our deck... Cheese biscuit!

Self-timer photo in our cabin:

Celebrating NYE at 6:58 p.m. with James - haha (he did not want to go to bed, he was ready to PARTY!)

He was wearing his finest for his first NYE (tuxedo pajamas Jimbo bought for him last Christmas)

We made some duck (shot and killed by Jimmy!):

Then we stayed an extra day and just relaxed... On the ride home we stopped and took some gorgeous photos - here is one of my faves:

Whew! That was a lot! If you made it to the end -- congrats! If you didn't... I don't blame you! :)

9 month shoot (Jimmy took these while I was cooking dinner Saturday night -- thank you Jimbo!):