Friday, December 16, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Kiawah 1/2 Marathon -- 2011

So, many of you may remember this (last year's Kiawah half marathon). In a nutshell we had a big group go down to Kiawah and most of the group ran the 1/2 marathon. I didn't because I was 5 months pregnant, but at the end of that past, I said maybe.... just maybe I'll run it in 2011. Well, I did it! Holla! :)

Here is a recap of the weekend... one I will always remember and hold dear to my heart.

Up and at 'em early in the AM for the race... 

Ray-dizzle getting his stretch on before the race....

The Costigans did it! It was also Thomas' first half... Good job Costigans!

Ray & MS post race, both of which beat their goals which was awesome:

Here I go, racing to finish... Although it wasn't quick - I'm still proud of my 2:49 finish! I wanted to finish under 3 hours... Check mate!

Jimmy was really sweet and supportive - thanks Jimbo!

Our sweaty group, post race:

The start/finish line:

MS and me :) celebrating!

The boys... post race:

After showers and naps, we started hanging out and look who joined us! A bald eagle!

Us chillaxing at Ray's aunt and uncle's amazing house...

Celebrating our accomplishment...

There was a beautiful sunset...

The Costigans...

Sunset shot...

Later that evening at the Irish bar....

We discovered a new beer called Palm, which was delish!

Ray and his boo for the evening....

Caught them on their phones!

Cheesey biscuits.....

A little brostache fun....

Tom Selleck? No, that's just Jimmy :)

Sunday night home, recooperating

I didn't think I would be able to do this half - I thought I would have to wait until longer after James was born, but with lots of support and encouragement from family and friends I did it! I couldn't have done it without the help of a handful of people I'd like to extend some thanks to:

Last year's half marathoners: Y'all motivated me more than you will know! Just seeing the sense of accomplishment after last year's race gave me the mojo to do it. Thank you all! (Jimmy, Caro, Carrie, Brian, Ray & Tom). Especially Caro and Carrie who motivated me along my training... Thanks gals!

Mary Sims: Every long run she'd motivate me with encouraging texts and motivation. :)

Mom & Dad: Not only did they keep James all weekend long for the race -- they also helped in keeping him while I needed to run during the week (especially the long runs). Also, my dad has always been a big runner, and his motivation to "run around the world" inspired me. If it weren't for his running he wouldn't have caught his heart issue which saved him from having a heart attack, so that inspired me lots.

Coach Jimmy: The first person to have more faith in me than I thought possible, Jimbo! If it weren't for his coaching, motivation and support I definitely would not have been able to do it. He was so encouraging the whole way! Thanks to the best hubbie and daddy :)
Baby James: Your sweet face helped me make it across the finish line. Those 13.1 miles were for you, my little bundle of love!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shout out to THE best hubbie and daddy!

So Jimmy raced home from work yesterday and got home by 5pm so that I could attend the Annual Report Presentation for PULSE (Greenville's YP group I used to manage at the Greenville Chamber), which was amazing in and of itself.

But did he stop there? Noooo....

He did dishes, folded laundry, took James to REI and bought me some running clothes for the big race this weekend (see photo)...

So basically I got home to a cleaner house with clean clothes, clean dishes, a little serci (sp?) and a sleeping baby. Man... Pretty awesome night if I do say so myself.

Thanks Jimmy for being so incredibly awesome! As we always say.... TEAM LARSON!

Love you so very much!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Festivies

Soooo.... we are in the midst of my absolute favorite time of the year -- CHRISTMAS!! And it is even better now that James is here, and he is at an absolute FUN age.

We started the month off with a bang! On Thursday, December 1, James and I packed up and headed to see Auntie Fannie and Uncle David (Jimmy was spending the entire week in Orlando for manager training). After we put the little guy to sleep we watched all the Twighlight movies (yes, we are almost 30 years old... so what?!). Then on Friday we just spent time together and chillaxed until night time when we got James all dolled up for PJ's with Santa, the Columbia Junior League's annual fundraiser.

Although James didn't get to tell Santa what he wanted (the line was INSANE) we got to see cousins Hamilton and Zan, and a lot of Columbia friends I hadn't seen in forever!

Here are some photos from the event:

We might not have gotten a picture with Santa... we got one with Cocky! Goooo cocks!

We watched a "show" with Auntie Tricia and cousins Hamilton & Zan

Hamilton did not stop telling Santa what all he wanted :) it was super cute... Zan seemed to be more interested in the cookies and milk!

This was our attempt at a picture with Santa -- see his white hair right beside my head?? Haha... oh well.

Frannie, Elizabeth in womb :), Me and Baby James!

We capped the evening off with dinner and wine at Fran and David's... It was a lot of fun because we got to catch up with Miss Lala and her beau. Then, Jimmy got to Fran's around 9pm, which was so nice (it's hard when he is away for an entire week!).

Happy holidays everyone!!

No more Christmas shopping mommy...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Funday

A little pajama TV time before we get ready for church :)

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