Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two new videos

... okay so today has been a post overload, but I'm trying to catch up. The first video was from a couple days ago... I was pretty bummed because Jimmy had been home Wednesday - Sunday, full time. It was so nice to have so much "family time" and I'm not going to lie... It is just nice to have two extra hands with the wee-one. But Tuesday Jimbo had to fly out for Memphis for work and has been there all week.

Tuesday night I was a little bummed that Jimmy was going to be gone all week, and I knew it wasn't going to be the best week to be flying solo with J because his top teethers are breaking through (ahhh). But... he did the sweetest thing, and simply melted my heart. I actually caught it on video. :) He was doing his typical James thing - getting into things he shouldn't.... but his new little "puppy" that plays music was singing and he crawled over and started loving on him. He gave the pup two big ol' hugs and then came over and gave mommy one. MELT. MY. HEART.

Then yesterday I put on his first pair of big boy sandals. James was NOT impressed. He was so confused and really wanted them off. Here he is trying to figure them out while hamming it up. 


In the words of Uncle Craig.... Part-A... or Part-B?


:) On Saturday, April 21 (James' actual birthday) we had a very small but quite fun birthday PART-A with the family. It was such a fun, special day... and one I will always hold near and dear to my heart!

I know this may come as a shock to you... but I documented the day (with the help of my beautiful sister, Frannie!). Here are some photos of the day...

Jimmy took of a few days before the birthday so that we could get a bunch of stuff done on our "to do" list.... While we did that - I also got the house - party ready. James helped while riding in the baby bjourn (look in the mirror!):

We had family come from Aiken, Simpsonville, Columbia and downtown Greenville :)

Our little family

Pop and Jimmy with our birthday boy

Ellie was ready to party harty with her blue dress on :)

A light lunch

... and of course a yummy cake (including James' own SMUSH cake!)

We were afraid of rain - but the rain held off until everyone had left.... 

James got a "Hunter and Joy are paying Cam and Jimmy back for a gift they boy Gracie" -- aka a vacuum "popper" haha.... Little did I know (4 years ago) how annoying that little toy can be! haha...

Dad always has to mix a little business in with pleasure :) signing HP checks :)

I can't get over how big Hamilton is getting!

David is such a good little daddy to sweet Ellie (who is THE best baby!)

Grammy and Grandpa got some loving :)

The Cooks plus a little Larson Birthday Boy :)

Thanks to Hunter and Joy we had a really cool bouncy play thing for kids to do outside. (Blast from the past: a couple years ago... pre-James... Jimmy and I kept Hamilton (and maybe Zan too?) while Craig and Tricia had to do something... We went outside to play and Hamilton looked so defeated. I asked him, "What's wrong Hamilton?" He sighed super loud..... then said, "There's NOTHING for me to do here." Woops. We're those boring aunt and uncle. So I made sure there was plenty to do! :) haha.... 

The weather couldn't have been any better!

The bouncy house was a success!

Zany is getting so big too! They all are! sigh....

James even got his go in the house.... for a very short period of time!

My little birthday angel :)

Grandpa taking in the day!

Ladies enjoying the sunshine (and the bouncy house!) 

The big event - the cake!

J wasn't quite sure.... He eventually got into the icing, but was NOT into the actual cake. 

Getting a little more sure.... 

Opps... maybe not THAT sure...

Our fam:

You can never get too many pictures of their first cake experience :) (thanks Frannie for all the pics!)

Who loves cake?!

James does!

Me and my love bug :)

Gift time!

Cousins enjoying their party favors :)

Yayyyy for birthdays!

James got all kinds of goodies...

And although he did get tired of opening... there were PLENTY of hands to help!

Hamilton loved the ring pop!

Opening, and opening, and opening...

I thought J might try to stay up and party but right at 2pm he was yawning and ready for nap time. So we put him down and the party slowly but surely dwindled down.... But once J got up from his nap, he was excited to play with all of his new toys!

... and Sadie was ready to come out and play!

Hahaha... I love this picture... (James onesie was stripped off after it was covered in icing from the cake):

That night we went and ate at Carolina Ale House where we let boo-bear have his first taste of real ice cream! He loved it!

Then we got home in time for a little walk around the block...

Love these three!

The entire weekend was just perfect. The next day we all went to church, came home for a nap... then got up and went to the zoo and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. :) Love to all!

My little baby....

.... is now a little boy. Man, is it bitter-sweet.

I think every first time mom is kind of scared beyond belief as they try to navigate through new mommy-hood - and they (quietly) wish their wee-wons were doing the fun and sweet things those little toddlers are doing you see bee-bopping around with mommy... (well shoot me if I'm the only one that did!).

But then when your baby gets to that point.... You wish it didn't go by so quickly. And surprisingly enough - I'm eager for another..... but don't hold your breath. This isn't a dual-duty post. I am not pregnant nor are we trying to get pregnant but I have to be honest when I say I have a little pang for another little baby right now... but for the time being - I'm just going to enjoy my James. He is the most amazing little boy and Jimmy and I couldn't be happier as parents. :)

I need to do a lot of James updating on our little online scrapbook, but for now I just want to focus on how James is now - as a ONE YEAR OLD. Lawd, that sounds CRAZY!

James loves to dance. He has a few toys that plays music and he will run-crawl (that is what I call his really super duper quick crawl that is basically as fast as running) and will bang the button that turns on the music. He then quickly turns around looks at whoever is in the room and will put his arms up and start to DANCE! I wonder who he gets this from..... Hm..... :) (remember this post? just saying....) Here is a video of James doing it... kind of. He always gets a little camera shy so this is J only giving it 60%.

Right before James turned 1, he got pretty dern sick. We had to go on our very first sick doctor's visit (pretty impressive, huh?), which was not fun. While sick he did NOT want to eat... and nothing is more frustrating than a child that won't eat. I felt so irresponsible that he wasn't eating. Like I was being a bad mom (isn't the "mom guilt" thing horrible?). But since feeling better - he is back to his good eating self. He loves things green and red (perhaps he is trying to tell us his favorite holiday? ha). He loves to chow down on strawberries, red grapes, tomatoes, green beans, peas (his fav), etc.

James is saying all sorts of ... "baby words." He says "dada," "mama," "baba" (for bottle), "dahhdahhh" (which is what he always says when he sees Sadie or another dog) and ball. He doesn't always use these words appropriately (yesterday at Target he started yelling out "DADA!" the whole stroll through the store. oops. No buddy.... :)

He's pretty easy going.... when we go shopping from grocery store visits to Target - he pretty much chills in his seat and just takes it all in. Occasionally I get a fussy man who just wants to be held while I push the cart, but that is happening less and less. He will also pretty much go to anyone, which I'm happy about. Although it is nice when he wants mommy - I've tried really hard to not let him get clingy... Hopefully it sticks :)

Although he isn't walking - he is pulling up, kind of climbing (ahhh), and walking around stuff (slowly). I'd give him another month or maybe even two until he is walking on his own. He seems pretty content with his super speed crawl, which I must say... is extremely fast. Since I've uploaded a ton of videos lately :) here is a video of him pulling up, standing, crawling, moving and grooving! (and determined to get his ball!)

He is a hoot. When he finds something on the floor that should have been picked up by the vacuum cleaner but has not (smile-ha).... he KNOWS he isn't supposed to touch it. What does he do? He waits until I'm looking at him. He slowly picks it up (with all eyes on me) then slowly starts bringing it to his mouth... and as soon as I say, "James!!! NOOOOO!" (as I'm darting to grab it out of his hand) he sneaks it into his mouth, turns around and starts his super speedy crawl away. What a stinker :)

He is a great sleeper (thank you Baby Wise!). He sleeps 8pm - 8am (yes 8am ladies and gentlemen!).... He also takes two naps, one at 10am and another at 2pm. I'm pretty sure that first nap is getting phased out, but he still needs it right now. Sometimes he also takes forever to go to sleep... He likes to play, talk, stand, roll, etc - sometimes for up to an hour before he falls asleep. He also tends to have CRAZY hair when he wakes up.... Here are a couple photos from when I got him up after a nap last week:

Here are some photos of what we were up to leading up to 12 months (birthday party and some what we've been up to lately posts coming soon!)....

Jimbo made his first batch of beer! It should be ready for tasting in just a week:

Sadie and James are still BFFs:

They love looking out the windows together (contemplating TROUBLE :)

I got my first official weekend off without having to wake up early and do anything! :) (the only two times I've been away was one-half marathon (running 13.1 miles) and two-Simpsonville Chamber mtg in Charleston (meetings early in the morning)... So I just enjoyed some girl time as we celebrated upcoming bride, Maaaaaaaatha! 

We went on a wine tour in NC, which was really neat - I never knew there were so many in NC!

All the vineyards were GORGEOUS and quite different (the one below was my fave!)

The Easter Bunny came to see us!

James got all kinds of goodies to get him ready for our upcoming beach trip (hopefully one of many!) and he also brought Sadie some toys..

James just loves waking up to surprises!

Daddy showing J his stash :)

Sadie and J-breaking in the new toys!

The Easter bunny even brought J some sunglasses.... Which stay on for 1.2 seconds :)

Since J was sick we tag-teamed church. Jimbo went to early service and then I went to the late service. After church we headed to Grandmama's for lunch

I tried getting a picture of the two of us... but he was too preoccupied with Max, Adeline, Gracie, etc... 

Adeline - always quick and ready with a hug (and a funny comment :) hehe)

Everyone hanging out on Grandmama's porch. Funny that we have pictures of all of my siblings and I playing on this exact porch <3

Max always quick with a trick or two

Gracie teaching James a thing or two :)

Sandra made the table look GORGEOUS! And all the fresh flowers were from Grandmama's yard! Maybe one day my yard will supply so many gorgeous flowers

Adeline always cracks me up!

Auntie Joykens and big girl Gracie entertaining the bambinos :)

James made some surprises for some special ladies in his life :)

We continued working on making our yard look some what presentable! Pre-Jimmy-made walkway:

(thanks Sadie)

Wallllah! Gorgeous, isn't it??

The yard is shaping up!

And last but certainly NOT least... The monthly picture with Mr. Bear.... 

James, you are such a very special, fun, sweet, lovable little boy. Your daddy and I love you more and more every day and we don't know what we would do without you. Continue growing strong, laughing more and more every day and discovering new things every day.... and don't ever stop being you. :)