Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learning something new everyday

So I read in one of the million emails/books/articles offering new parents advice (:smile:) that we can try to introduce utensils to J...

So I've given it a try. He is kind of getting the hang of it -- but the downfall? Mr. Independent thinks every time he is being fed with a spoon -- HE should do it.

There's nothing cuter than a messy baby, am I right??

Messy morning full of claps, smiles and yogurt at the Larson household (see below re: claps at previous post this AM).

Clap! Clap! Clap!

In an effort to teach J to not throw his sippy cup on the floor we clap really excitedly when he puts it in the cup holder. This morning he started clapping for himself every time he did it! Haha... Silly James :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer fun

Although I semi-prefer words with friends... That'll do donkey. That'll do. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Example 3

See below :)

Example 2

... See previous post, below. My silly chair boy! :)

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No shoe fetish for my son....

But perhaps he has a chair fetish? Homeboy loves his mini me chairs... Perhaps he has too many choices?? :) haha...

Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Years of Wedded Bliss!

So I'm behind on blogging... well, really behind, and it is only going to get worse as time flies by so quickly! I can't believe my little boy is 14 months old and that (as of tomorrow) Jimmy and I will have been married for FIVE years. All I can say is - best five years of my life!

In May we took an early five year wedding anniversary trip to Puerto Rico. The first trip longer than a weekend away from buga-boo... and the timing could not have been more perfect.

Here are pictures and a recap from our trip (sorry - photo overload):

This was our first picture at our resort... We just got a drink and headed to put our toes in the sand!

That night we stumbled upon a YUMMY restaurant. Everything was SO good. By far, my favorite meal of the whole trip!

We capped the meal off with some mojitos -- very popular in PR! Surprisingly enough - we both preferred the mango mojito. It was so fresh (on the left):

The next day we chillaxed by the pool and then when we started getting hungry we headed for Old San Juan where we dined, shopped and did a little sight seeing. 

Jimmy is going to kill me for this photo, but here is my little tour guide! Always guiding us in the right direction :) 

I caught him taking a break of his tour guiding, below! :) haha...

Although we missed our wee-man... it was so nice to just have a Jimmy and me trip :)

Old San Juan was beautiful and reminded me a lot of Southern Spain

Of course we had to make a detour to where pina coladas were invented: 

They were quite DELISH!

We made a splurge purchase for moi and I got my very own, fitted Cuban hat! :)

Since I'm always taking Jimbo's picture -- he made me show off my new hat... (I HATE taking pictures by myself!)

Old San Juan - trying to make our way to one of the two forts...

.. still trucking to find it...

... searching like these folks for the fort ;-) haha... 

WE FOUND IT!!! :) 

The weather was wild there. One minute it was sunny, bright and warm... the next it was cloudy and dark... and then it would storm... A cycle that happened every day! It made for some cool photos - see clouds behind us? 

My tour guide, reading up :)

Us posing out in front of the fort... 

It was beautiful...

A photo from up top...

One of the "lookouts"

More fort...

.. it was right on the water..

... more fort...

After a day of shopping, dinning and sight seeing - it was time to make our way back to our hotel for dinner and more fun... Here is my attempt at teasing my tour guide on his amazing map reading skills :)

The next day was our big adventure day. We were picked up early from our hotel to go to El Yunque - Puerto Rico's amazing rain forest!

It was beautiful...

This was a picture of us before our hiking adventure :)

Jimmy did what the tour guide asked us not to do and climbed up the rocks for the picture... This kind of reminded me of when we got engaged... He went down to the bottom of a waterfall to catch a photo at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC and then when he came back up - he was so tired he had to sit down on a bench to rest. :) Memories... whoaaa memories :)

We then went up a tower to get some cools shots...

Amazing, isn't it?


It was raining on us - but we didn't mind! The rain felt good...

We then started our hike...

.. to the waterfall we must go!

... quick stop for a photo... :)

These leaves are on most of the trees in the rain forest. Right before it rains they turn bottom side up (pictured below is the bottom) - where it is white -- and so that is how you know when it is about to rain. When you aren't in the rain forest you can tell when it is about to rain because the mountain turns kind of white from the leaves turning up. Cool, huh??

"Whooo hooo! We made it to the rainfall!"

It was HUGE!

... and we actually got to get in the water...

Jimmy opted out so he could snap some candids - but I jumped on it... 

Posing with some of our new friends (it was FREEEEEEEEEEZING!)

I'm trying to help a girl in our group get out there -- although it looks quiet and refreshing it was LOUD from the water crashing down and a little rocky getting out there...

I had to cool Jimmy off since he didn't get in the water. And of course we had to pose for yet another picture!

Jimmy was adventurous (again) and climbed down and got these cool pics:

This photos also reminds me of our proposal.... 

We made it back, and are ready to CHOW DOWN!!!

Nothing like some good ol' Puerto Rican flare to fill ya up. It was amazing! ... and good thing we just hiked up and down a mountain because I'm sure Bob and Jillian (from the Biggest Loser) would NOT be impressed by this meal. But hey, when in Rome! :)

These were our new friends from Cuba, but now they live in FL. They were a hoot! 

Another new friend - she was also from FL. 

Our hole in the wall lunch... AMAZING. 

Then we went to a popular beach of PR. It wasn't so secluded.... it reminded me of what Puerto Ricans might think if they went and visited Myrtle Beach. There were lots of... interesting people. :) To say the least. But they had cheap beer and lots of sunshine - so it was right up our alley! 

The water was freezing just like the waterfall, but quite refreshing.

Mr & Mrs 

Jimmy took this picture of his view (he laid down most of the time on the beach)... Apparently this is a coconut tree... Good thing no coconuts fell down while we were camped out!

Chillaxing in the water

My rocking new shades. My good pair of sunglasses broke on the way to the beach (the screw popped out). So Jimmy picked these out for me for a whopping $7! I don't know what is more impressive - that Jimmy picked them out... or that they were only $7?

We had some fresh coconut - yummy!

Although you can't really see this pic- I had to take a pictures of the kayaks that we were in -- AT NIGHT! 

We went out to this bay where the water lights up from these organisms... It was really cool, but scary on the trip back to land. We had to go through a tiny canal where trees hang down and I swear a snake or something almost jumped in our boat. But we made it! And I think Jimmy and I were the couple that fought the least out of the others... Not saying we didn't snap at each other - haha..... but I think it showed how good we work as a team. Love you Jimmers :)

Our housekeeper liked my new hat... When we got back to the hotel, look what we found:

The next day was my choice of "day trip":

A day on a boat with no agenda other than to eat, drink, snorkle and sun bathe. It was amazing! 

The water was crystal clear - and the boat guide joked that they were taking us to the "Spanish" Virgin Islands... :) 

We got to snorkel and see all sorts of fish...

.. and just relax and enjoy the view...

They also had a slide that went off the back of the boat that I wish I had gotten a picture of, but didn't...

... a lot of people had the same idea as us... but look at that clear water!

We got a little too much sun, but it was worth it! 

This is a private island where no one is allowed, so we just admired it from a far. But the coolest fish were out here: 

Our last night on town! 

We went and enjoyed some sushi and then while staking out our next stop - we saw lights on the rooftop of a fancy hotel. We had to go... and look what we found! Goooo cocks!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the sign...

It has been five AMAZING years... I love you so much Jimmy and I can't wait to see what the next five years hold. Thanks for being my rock and being the most amazing hubby (and daddy). You are one mighty fine man, and I'm glad we are just beginning our journey together! <3