Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So much to be Thankful for!

Last week we celebrated our last Thanksgiving sans-baby boy Larson. It was a great day/week and I was so sad Sunday night when I realized our Thanksgiving week-long stay-cation was over (Jimmy and I both took the ENTIRE week off).

I've also been a bit delayed in posting because I have become one of "those" people... You know "those" people who never take pictures but reap the benefits of you having to tote around your camera and annoyingly get in everyone's face?? Yeah... I've never been one of "those" but I've slowly but surely been turning into one. The Larson family camera has seen better days and I'm holding out for Christmas when we'll get a new handy dandy camera from Grammy Cheryl :). Any suggestions? I'm thinking about the Cannon Elf? We want something that will fit in Jimbo's pocket.

We had around 36 or so celebrating at my parent's loft in Simpsonville. It was not only our last Thanksgiving sans-baby boy, but also the last Thanksgiving with Cheryl as a "Larson." It was loud, chaotic, fun, memorable, exciting, yummy, special, etc. I just love big family get togethers!

There's no telling what next year will bring but for now I'm thankful for an amazing husbando who just gets me and supports me in everything I do. A little bambino growing in my belly. A fabulous (growing) family -- I can't wait to celebrate with not only a new baby boy, but with Cheryl's soon to be husband and his daughter next year. I'm thankful for my parents who not only know how to throw a great celebration, but are the most loving and giving parents a girl could as for. I'm thankful for my crazy siblings, their spouses and my adorable nieces and nephews who make the holidays just that much sweeter.

PICTURES TO COME ONCE THE PEOPLE THAT DID ALL THE WORK SHARE THEM WITH ME. :) NO WORRIES... This isn't going to become habit! ... PICS HAVE BEEN ADDED AS OF 12-3-2010, compliments of Miss Fannie Annie Cook :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three Newly Learned Lessons

1 -- Girls' night is super duper fun and I love hanging out -- especially with my Wednesday Wine Crew... But midnight is too late for me and growing baby boy in my belly. This AM was a little rough for me... but totally worth it! :)

2 -- Regular pantyhose do not fly when you are over 4 months preggo. Although the belly isn't big -- the hose will still roll. Enough said.

3 -- What it feels like to have a baby seriously move! Just a minute ago baby boy moved big time. It kind of felt like I was on a roller coaster and my stomach dropped a little. If I had to sum it up in a word it would be.. "WOOSH." So cool :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where's the glow?!

Now I'm not complaining but where's this "glow" everyone talks about that you're supposed to get when you get pregnant? I haven't seen it, but would appreciate seeing it soon.

Everyone says, "Oh my hair was the best ever when I was pregnant....", "My skin was radiant....", etc...

Blah. Blah. Blaaaaaah.

My hair looks bad (but partially my fault - I'm extremely behind a cut/color, which will be fixed later today)... My skin is not glowing, but breaking out.. I feel like I'm in high school all over again without Proactive (yeah, did you know you can't use Proactive while pregnant?). ..... and to make matters even better -- I had my first nose bleed yesterday. Ew.

I know it is all worth it, but come on glow!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Adeline!

This weekend we celebrated my youngest niece's birthday, Adeline! It's so hard to believe that she is already a full year old. Boy how time flies when you're having fun! Joy and Hunter had the fam over for some cake and ice cream and it was so much fun! Here are some pics from the day:

Her cute little outfit had to come off for the destroying of the birthday cake (which was fabulous)!

It was extra special because Ma, who suffered a stroke earlier this year got to come too!

Hard to believe this was just one year ago:

We love you sweet "pookie took" Adeline! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Proud Papa & Flutters

Since we found out we are having a boy last week Jimmy has gotten even more excited about the whole pregnancy thing, and it is really cute.

On Wednesday when we had our doctor's appointment, we got three ultrasound pictures. When we were leaving Jimmy asked if he could have one. I asked him what he wanted it for. He responded by saying, "I want to put it up in my cube!" (Like, duh -- what else?!) Well Jimmy showed off his son at work and pinned it up in his office.

The next morning we were getting ready for work and Jimmy asked where the other two pictures were. I told him and then asked why?... He then asked if he could take another one with him to work to show. I just started laughing and said okay as long as he brings it home :).

Well, guess who just came by my office to get all three pictures? Jimbo. Such a proud papa! :)

So yesterday I'm pretty sure I felt the baby for the first time. Since we got to "fall back" one hour Saturday night we had extra time before church to veg out and just watch tv Sunday morning. So I was very still for awhile, just laying on the couch watching TV. Then Jimmy told me I really needed to get in the shower so we wouldn't be late. So I jumped up and ran upstairs and started the water. Well as soon as I did I felt a constant little flutter on my right side about four or five times in a row.

Jimmy told me to describe it, and it might sound strange but it kind of felt like my stomach was yawning...? Strange, huh? It also felt like constant butterflies/bubbles but just on one side, four or five times in a row and then it stopped. I haven't felt it since, but it was so exciting!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Little Jimmy!

We had our 15 week check up yesterday, and we weren't expecting to find out what we were having, but as luck would have had it... we did! I simply asked the doctor if she thought there would be any way possible they could schedule our 20 week appointment just a tad bit early so that we could know what the sex was by Thanksgiving... Well she looked at me... with the hopeful light in my eyes... and said -- maybe we'll just go back there today?

I think I squirted a couple tears and said, "REALLY?!?!?!"

Then she said, "Well.. you aren't even 16 weeks yet... let's see if we can find the hear beat fairly easily. If so, we'll go back there and see what we see." Sure enough she stuck the little heart beat finder on my belly and we immediately had a heartbeat. She then smiled and said, "Let's go back there!"

So Jimmy and I were like little kids on Christmas morning. We both kept looking at each other like, ".. here we go!" Then the tech simply asked us if we wanted to know the sex and we both pipped up and said, "YES!" :)

As she was scanning the belly she asked if we had any feelings. I told her how I originally thought it was a boy the day we found out (but I really think I thought it was a boy because I always figured I would have a boy first)... but then I had changed my mind with all those silly tests... The Chinese Birth Chart, the pencil test, etc... So I told her we both thought it was a girl...

Then she started laughing and said, "well you're both wrong -- we have a baby boy!" Our little bambino had his legs spread eagle with it all hanging out. (Apparently he isn't going to be very shy :)

Jimmy and I were both shocked, thrilled, excited, astonished, etc... It was such an amazing time that we won't ever forget.

We can't wait to meet you Baby Boy Larson!!! :) You are already very much loved.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween Y'all!

So we had a Halloween party to go to Saturday night at our good friends' Kelly and Greg's house, and I was kind of worried. I'm not much of a dresser-upper, and to make matters worse... I couldn't have any "liquid courage" to help me get through the evening :-). But in true Cam fashion... we figured out our costume at 5:00 p.m., just in time to get dressed and ready to go! We decided we would be Fergie & The Black Eyed Peas (".. G... L... A... M.... O...R... O.. U ...S...."). And we did it without spending a dime!

Jimmy sported a black eye, some P's on his shirt... Get it? Black-eyed P's?? wahh, waaaahhhh... We figured the wig and suspenders just made it more Halloweeny. Then I decided to rock one of Joy's maternity dresses with some crazy red heels, big ol' jewelry, big hair and a fur coat... What else? I also celebrated the evening with a little Welch's sparking grape juice, which was yummy!

We also rocked out all  night with a little boom box we brought with a CD I made with nothing but Blackeyed Peas and Fergie songs...

We weren't annoying... No, not at all :)

But it was a lot of fun! Here are a couple more pics from the evening (thanks Carrie!):