Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Poor Sick Buddy

So we've managed to go a month shy of 2 years before our first major tummy bug, but James got his first one last night. So unbelievably thankful Jimmy got home late last night and the 2nd leg of his trip was cancelled! Single moms out there, how do you do it?!?

Early morning snuggles in mommy and daddy's bed..

Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

James' First Easter Egg Hunt

So our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for this past Saturday but since it was pouring rain - it was rescheduled for today.. Although it was dry out today it was freeeeezing and we actually had snow flurries this morning. But. That didn't stop us from having fun! :-)

Since Jimmy was in Memphis for work I mustered up the courage to go to the event solo. I was hesitant at first but as soon as James saw the jumpy house, Easter bunny and kids he yelled, "PPPPPLLLLLLAAAAAYYYYYY!!!" and grabbed my hand and started running. LOL

James did not really "get" the Easter egg HUNT aspect as he kept looking at me as though I was crazy when I would pick up eggs and put them in his basket... And then, as he was giving me the, "Mom. You're crazy." look, he would dump the eggs out. Ha! :) So I think we ended up with a whopping 3 or 4 eggs.

He was also scared of the Easter bunny but then finally started warming up to him and started following him around saying, "hiii teddy bear" - too stinking cute.

James is also ready to be a big boy. He literally chased every "big boy" that was there and said "hiiii! hiiii! hiii!" to each of them while waving. Sweet thing. The big kids didn't really know what to do about a 2 year old shadow, which of course broke my heart. Time to toughen up, mom! :)

Here are a few pics from my phone:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday's Best

So James has been sporting some pretty dern cute Sunday clothes lately. Here are a few from my phone. The red one reminds me of outfits my brothers wore when they were little (from pics).

Isn't James the cutest?!? :-)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Cheesy Sucker!

So James now loves the bank -- suckers! What a cheeseball.... :)


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can we please freeze time???

So there has never been a time in James' life that I have ever wanted to freeze time as badly as I do right now. He is the absolute cutest, funniest, sweetest, wildest little guy and I just love him to pieces.

To illustrate these extreme adjectives, I've posted some of my favorite James-isms as of right now.... Enjoy!

"Mamaaaa.... Hold you! Hold you, mama!" (He says this when he wants me to hold him bc whenever he used to act like he wanted to be held I would say, "you want me to 'hold you?'" Silly boy:)

"Mama cashuel! Cashuel, mama..." Whenever he builds he wants me to help him build a castle.

"Sadie good girl."

"Play truck, dada! Play truck!" It doesn't matter what James is doing when Jimbo gets home from work - he always runs up and squeals this as soon as Jimmy walks through the door.

"Dada, plaaaaaaaay.... Mama? Plaaaaaay....!" He exclaims this from the steps while Jimmy and I are cleaning up the dishes after dinner. Patience is not is forte.

Lately he has mastered the sweetest hugs where he wraps his arms around your neck and holds on tight. One of my favorite parts of being his mom is getting those daily! :)

Just this morning I sneezed twice (thanks sinus infection) and James yelled from his high chair, "Bess you mama! Bess you!"

"Dada, tent." He is rather bossy these days, haha.... I guess that's his "first born" in him but he loves for Jimmy to play with him in that tent (picture is an example of him in this tent).

"Mama, off." Yes, my son is bossy and a wee bit demanding but whenever I get on the phone now he walks up and says this. :)

"Call Dada/Nana/FeeFee!" He knows I talk to these three every morning so he loves getting in on the action.

"Kisses?" "Hug" After I put him in bed for either nap or bed he stands up and says this until he gets one more of each, but does he get just one? I don'ttttt thinnnnnk sooooo :)

"No bark, Sadie!" (Yes I've trained him well-ha!)

So on Sunday we went to church and when we went to pick him up the lady started dying laughing and explained to Jimmy and I that he wasn't ready because he "had" to put all his toys away. Sure enough we peeked in and he was running his little legs back and forth putting all the toys up. Ha!

Running - that is the only mode of transportation this child knows. He runs every where and is always ready to play, play, play! No wonder he naps for 3 hours a day, and gets a full 12+ hours of sleep at night. He needs it!

So time... Please freeze in this moment. I want to cherish it. Thanks:)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Soooo... it is March, which is three months after December, but I'm playing major catch up.. So here we go! Christmas 2012, recap:

Christmas this year was great... and a little strange, but VERY great. Strange because Jimmy and I were still in a "oh my goodness, we are expecting baby number two" fog, and we just moved to a new house, new city, new state 30 days prior.... but great because it is SO amazing to see Christmas through a child's eyes and James did not disappoint!

We went to church Christmas Eve night, which James enjoyed and.... then... REALLY enjoyed! :) He was a little vocal so James, me and 3 other parents with their wee-ones (who all oddly enough were all born in late April) hid out in a side room and enjoyed the sermon through speakers while chasing after the bebes. :)

After church we fed James dinner, then he was off to bed... We didn't want him up while the big man in the red coat came to deliver presents! Then Jimmy and I shared our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of lobsters - yum!

That morning we all got up, and came downstairs to see what Santa brought us. We had a really fun family morning, ate a delicious breakfast and then packed up, and headed for Greenville. Once in Greenville we celebrated with the Howards, and had a loud, fun time! James had a blast playing with the big cousins - he wanted to copy everything Hamilton, Zan, Gracie and Adeline did.... and of course he just wanted to give kisses to his sweet "Ellllllllieeeeeeee"... And although he wasn't so sure what to make of a tiny baby (Hugh) - I certainly enjoyed my Christmas day snuggles with the little man. All the kids had a great day, and were treated to a VERY late bedtime (and one too many cookies, compliments of Aunt Cammie - woops!)

I actually remember Gracie coming up to me saying -- very sweetly, "Aunt Cammie? May I please have onnnnne more cookie?" So after a little negotiating my Christmas spirit gave in and I said, "Okay Gracie.... but you have to promise me not to tell anyone, okay?" Gracie, "Okay!" So then she skidaddles to the playroom with all the other cousins and announces (not knowing I'm standing in the doorway), "Hey guys! Look what I got!" :) Gotta love the sweet innocence!

The next day we packed up our loot and headed to Aiken for Christmas with the Kirchers. I was so anxious to open presents because "James" made Meme and Papa an announcement about Baby #2. I was sooo anxious to tell them! So thankfully we did presents first - and Meme and Papa were extremely excited and surprised of the news. We also did a fun game of lotto tix, which unfortunately (and obviously) we were not big winners, but we did win on FUN! :) haha... While visiting in Aiken we got to see some friends we haven't seen in awhile, some of which included Kym and Cam, who we haven't seen in YEARS due to their service with the Peace Corp, and then their homecoming to the West Coast vs East Coast - but it was so great seeing them and meeting their son and seeing Audra (Kym's sister) and their little baby boy too! All those little boys had a great time playing!

All in all it was an amazing Christmas. I know I've said it a lot lately, but we are truly, truly blessed. Thanks to our amazing family for the wonderful memories this past Christmas! Here's to many more - and hard to believe next Christmas we will have a little Christmas baby! :)

Pics of Christmas 2012:

So since the falling through of our house sale in Greenville (long sigh) we are stuck with double mortgages and bills until we sale that sucker - so this year we were a little creative with our gifts we gave this year :-)

Jimmy really wanted to get a picture of my flour infused pajamas
(this pic doesn't show 1/2 the mess - ha!)

We made what were supposed to be handprint ornaments... buttttt - they are kind of large so they were more like paper weights - but they were our little angel's handprint in a homemade "dough" - then we painted them to look like Santa. Merry Christmas, hohoho! 

Here are our masterpieces coking in the oven!
(too bad we did not get a pic of the finished product, oh well!)
Christmas Eve we enjoyed some quiche and fruit with orange juice in fancy glasses. Hey - it was Christmas Eve! Gotta be festive!
Christmas Eve night - all the presents (finally, barely) wrapped :)

Me and my buga-boo... Love him SO much!

Love our little family more than anything :)

After James opened one Christmas Eve present, he got dinner (and of course dessert!)... Then it was off to bed so that Santa could come and bring him some goodies.

Good thing he went to bed --- Santa had a lot of unloading to do!
Our Christmas morning buddy

I don't think you can ever get too many pictures of a Christmas tree all decked out...

Santa even came to visit this little girl... 

Christmas morning gift opening!

James loved munchen' on pigs in a blanket while playing with all his new toys and goodies.

Jimmy was equally as happy with James' loot - I think these two are going to have lots of fun playing over the years! Two of a kind :)

James got this slide, which stayed in our den for a month and a half (due to the incredibly wet weather we've been having)... I have to say - he used it more inside than out, but we have enjoyed it a lot!

James wasn't the only one who got spoiled - Jimmy and I got to open some presents too!

James got two sets of "choo-choo's" and lots of trucks (yes, he is all boy these days)

And he got this tent, which he loves hiding out in with Dada... Although it is now on its last leg -- we are holding out until his birthday to replace!

So much to do... so little time.

Fast forward the clock a few hours... and we're in Greenville at Nana and Pop's!

Ellie and James - not the best pic, but they are the cutest little things ever!

My attempt at a boy cousins pic... :)

Hugh got LOTS of love this Christmas!

Ellie had a great first Christmas :)

Oh goodness.. present time... It gets a bit chaotic...
As the kids keep increasing... so does the noise level. Imagine that :)

This truck was from Hamilton, Zan and Hugh - and it was HILARIOUS. Right when Zan walked in he ran up to James and handed it to him and said, "Here! James! We got this for you!" as he was pulling the truck out. Zan was very excited to give his gift and James was VERY excited to receive his gift!

Notice anything off in this pic? Poor Uncle David had to sport Jimbo's USC - Gamecocks shirt since we finally held up on a bet. USC won the Clemson / USC game, so David had to sport whatever Jimmy brought him to wear. Jimmy decided to be nice, and not make it tacky.. Although I don't think David would agree on it not being tacky, haha!

The loot getting distributed...

Everyone TEARING in!

Ma and Grandmama get a kick out of all the little ones...

.. and the kids get a kick out of all the toys! 
Hugh wasn't so impressed... He'd rather just take a nap with his mama!
Jimmy did make this (ghetto) sign for David to hold up while wearing the shirt.
"S. Carolina vs Clemson tickets, $300. Forcing my bro-lo to wear a S. Carolina shirt after winning four in a row... PRICELESS!" :)

Gotta say thanks before celebrating His birthday! :)

Trying to get all these people to smile for a picture is like herding cats... Loveable, sweet cats that is :) ha!

The "big kid" table... James, Ellie and Hugh have got some growing to do before they can join.

Ellie didn't seem to mind as she snuggled with Gigi at the table :)

Cuteness or TROUBLE? I think a little bit of both..

Dad finally got a good shot. I spy a little Hunter and Joy baby bump in the bottom right corner!
After presents and food it was play time in the playroom... One of my favorite quotes of the night:
CAM: "Okay guys. No jumping on the bed. This is where Uncle Jimmy and I have to sleep tonight." (for some reason I was trying to get sympathy from these kids.. don't worry - Hamilton put it in perspective for me.... wait for it....)
HAMILTON: "Ugh! No fair! Why do YOU get to sleep here?!"
:) haha... love it!

So I had to get a close up - G and A were playing with their gifts from the Larsons. Yes! I got it right for once! haha... 

All that fun wore sweet Ellie out - she zonked out on Nana while waiting on Fran and David to get all packed up. Nana tried to keep her up, but she was LIGHTS - OUT! :)

The fun didn't stop then... It carried on to Aiken to Meme and Papa's!

Jimmy and Cheryl

Cheryl and Chuck seemed to like the photobook we put together for them of their wedding. Whew! Another success - we were on a roll! :)

James loved EVERYTHING he got! And didn't quite get the concept of having more to open once he opened one thing. He just immediately wanted to play with whatever he opened.

Here is Cheryl reading the card that "James" made for them asking them to, "Shhh! Please keep my Christmas secret... I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER!" :)

The pic is blurry but was too priceless not to post! Here Cheryl is exclaiming what she's reading and Chuck responds. What a happy, fun memory!

I think they were a little shocked :)

James got his very own CAR! Whoa buddy - he is really going to be driving before I know it! :)

Our lotto game around the table..

We got a few dollars here and there - but no big bucks... But no worries - I think we've all won the lottery in life!

My little cleaner-upper in his new Superman PJ's

This Superman is a big Gamecock fan... Do you think he had much of a choice in the matter ;-)

Playing at the Hensley's -- James' favorite toy? An old timey phone... Who would have thought?!


Kym, Audra and I with our boys - my have things changed since our days at USC!

Gotta have several takes with these wild boys...

Whew! I'm tired. That was a big weekend to recap. But don't you worry - more to come. I'm working my way backwards... still have Thanksgiving and some others to post on. I'll leave you all anxiously waiting... :)