Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My nephew is a cutie...

So I was exploring the wonderful, semi-stalker-esk world of Facebook when I came across this adorable picture of my oldest nephew, Hamilton, who is turning three on Friday. Goodness gracious that boy has gotten so big so fast!

I remember the day we found out Hamilton was in Tricia's belly... it was a bitter-sweet day because it was the same day we found out my wonderful grandfather, who had been very sick, passed away.

I remember thinking, it is amazing how God works in mysterious ways... When one loved one leaves us, another is on the way....

I remember the day he was born... Fran and I had called Tricia to see if she wanted to meet us for lunch at her favorite place - the Mediteranean Tea Room... Well, she didn't answer... but our big-brother Craig-ee-poo called us back.

Craig: "Uhh... well, um... Tricia might be in labor."
Me: "WHAT?! What do you mean she might be in labor?!"
Craig: "Well... we don't know for sure, but she has been having contractions through the night, and they are speeding up."
Me: "Ahhh! Fran and I are on the way"

I don't remember if that is exactly how the conversation went down, but it was something to that extent. Most of the fam was there that day, and it was such a wonderful, happy, awesome day.

We all couldn't stop staring at this beautiful baby... And furthermore, that is when I realized... my brother was no longer "Craig" but he was now a daddy... I love the picture below, it was truly love at first sight!

Hamilton is trulya sweetie pie with big blue eyes, blond curly hair, tons of energy and a smile that can get away with anything!

In addition, Hamilton is now -- not only a big brother -- to Alexander, aka Zan, who was born in April of this year, but a protective big brother... Mom was joking with Hamilton a couple weeks ago and called Mr. Zan the Man a butter-ball because that sweet little boy likes to eat! And Hamilton got very defensive and said, "No Nana! He's a bab-yyy!" :-) Too cute for words...

Here's to keeping the memories...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life as a Brittany Spaniel Owner...

Sadie had an interesting start to this Thursday....

Jimmy and I were going through our typical "work day" morning routine, when all of a sudden our adorable pooch came charging in our bedroom from one of our guest rooms. Jimmy and I both looked at each other and said, "That can't be good..."

Jimmy, the brave one, marched into the guest bedroom, and our sweet little pup-pup had jumped onto the bed (which is is NOT allowed), pulled a set of clean sheets off the bed (the bed wasn't made, but it was on my list of to-do's :-), some how managed to rip them... and found a pillow that she tried to tear it apart.

Well, to be honest... that wasn't all that strange. Our dog has gotten into plenty: tissues of out trash cans, stuffing out of toys, sugar-free gum that resulted in an over-night (EXPENSIVE) trip to the 24-7 animal hospital, Jimmy's glasses, etc... But nothing had prepared me for today.

Since I was training staff on Linked-In today I decided to skip lunch and prepare for the training. Since training concluded a little earlier than expected I decided to run home before going to the gym since my wonderful sister-in-law and brother had invited me over for dinner (Jimmy is in Busy Season Round 2 '09) and I needed to check on Sadie.

Well, I'm riding down our street, and.. oh no. It can't be. But yes, Sadie sitting on the wrong side of the fence. This is quite bizarre because the few times she has gotten on the other side of that fence (without a leash) has resulted in a mad dash down the road. (photo @ start of blog is how she normally looks... on the CORRECT side of the fence!)

So I quickly pull in the drive way and open my car door as she rushes inside the car to greet me ... Well she is giving me lots of love and kisses (which is particularly disturbing and you'll find out why in a minute), but she isn't her typical "Brittany Spaniel" self... She is acting a little funny.
Sadie and I get inside and I am spoiling her with tons of attention because.. I have to admit.. I'm pretty darn proud of her for not running away.

...I suddenly smell something a little funky and....

Errr... Gross. She vomited on the kitchen floor.

After I clean up the puddle, I go and give her a little more attention because my pooch isn't feeling well...

As I'm petting I notice....

Errr... Gross. A tic hanging off her nose.

I take her upstairs, hold an alcohol swab on her nose to get the tic off properly (which Sadie is NOT happy about), and then finally, da-da-da-daaaaaaaaa... GET IT OFF! So we rush down stairs to get a treat. Right as Sadie is in the middle of eating her yummy treat....

Err... Gross. She vomits again.

I begin to wonder... what is up with you dog? So I start to worry that she is sick. She is being completely sweet, which is in her nature, but typically she is very sweet in a HYPER way. She is never the sort of dog to just plop down in your lap.

I decide I need to to go outside and shut the fence, and was going to leave the poor, pitiful pooch inside, but as I approached the door - she started JUMPING with such enthusiasm. So I put her leash on her and we went to take care of business...

I shut the gate, take her off the leash and away she goes... Running her laps in her self-made race track... Then she runs back to me, as if to say, "Alright mom... I'm ready."

So we walk up the deck steps... and then I see it.

Err... DISGUSTING. A dead squirrel on the deck.

As soon as I saw it, and Sadie saw that I saw it (and heard my rather loud reaction)... she started playing the poor, pitiful, puppy routine.

Dogs... especially Brittany Spaniels, sure make life interesting! :-)
Here's to keeping the memories....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Intro to our Blog

Welcome to our blog! Since I've been incorporating social media in every aspect of the Greenville Chamber, I decided it was high time I incorporated it into my personal life.

A little background on where we are in our lives at this moment...

A couple months ago, Jimmy and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary (6/23). Our wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life and it truly did rush by.

Following our wedding we had a fabulous honeymoon to the Dominican Republic where we stayed at the Punta Cana Princess Resort, which was aaaamazing! It was just what the doctor ordered after starting a new job (4/2007), planning a wedding in 8 months (we were engaged in 10/2006) and getting married!
Since getting hitched we have been busy "nesters" as we have settled into two homes in our course of two years.

Our first home was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, cute 1950's home in the Downtown Greenville, SC. We closed on this house 1/30/2007. Since purchasing it several months prior to our wedding, we had plenty of time to get it into move-in condition. We painted every square inch of the interior, had the hardwood floor sanded and stained. After getting married we did various other upgrades such a new tile, vanity and hardware in our one, tee-tiny bathroom :-), etc.
It was a great house, but one bathroom started to get to me. Although everyone told me not to... I started a new house hunt!

I'll blog later about the crazy, meant-to-be situation we had with house number two -- but long story short, we are now in a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house in Mauldin, SC. Jimmy and I think this could be our "forever" home... but we shall see!

In addition to wheeling, dealing and moving houses -- we adopted a precious Brittany Spaniel in February 2008, Sadie. Sadie was three months when we adopted her (born on 12/3/08), and was as sweet, wild, crazy, terrible, adorable as a puppy can get!
Again, I'll blog more on that rascal later...
But other than that -- marriage, houses and pets -- we have just been living everyday life. Jimmy has been with Ernst & Young as a CPA for a few years now, and I've been the communications manager for the Greenville Chamber for a little over two years.
Here's to keeping the memories (who knows... my children might read this one day!)....