Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Three Months.... SAY WHAAAAAT?!

So it is VERY hard to believe Mr. Wyatt is already 3 months old. I feel like those were probably the quickest 3 months of my life.

Wyatt is a very good baby. Like one of those babies you hear people talking about and roll your eyes in envy and dream that maybe one day you will have a baby like that but know it will probably never happen... But hey. We got one and I gotta say, it is amazing! :)

Wyatt is finally semi-sleeping through the night. I say semi because if I don't, I will totally jinx it and he will wake up at 5am tonight. :)

He's still on a 3-hour schedule. He loves smiling, any kind of attention :), his reflection and music / sound. He giggles whenever he gets nakie. His eyes are still blue, hair is fuzzy and looks dark although Jimbo thinks he has a reddish tint to it. He's already wearing 6 month clothes.

James is not quite as into Wyatt as he was in the beginning but he does randomly announce to people that he has a baby brother and his name is Wyatt. :)

James has been having good days and bad... I think a lot of it has to do with the time change and a little bugga named Wyatt ;) ha. He has big melt downs because he wants me to hold him all the time, which isn't very easy when I'm holding a little baby boy but we are making it.

James is a major chatterbox.... He does. not. stop! I sent a video to my mom of him jabbering away and said, "I have no idea where he gets this." Apparently he gets it from me - I apparently talked all the time too, lol.

James has a big sense of humor... He laughs a lot, plays hard and constantly tells me and Jimmy that he loves us "so much."

We love you too buddy. We love you and your little brother more than either of you will ever know. :)

Three month photos:

James was SUPERRRR excited about jumping in, ha:

Hahahaha... Getting good pics is beyond impossible. I kind of enjoy all the pics showing all the effort that goes in, lol :)

Life is so good with my 3 guys and Sadie-girl! :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Columbia/Aiken trip

So each year Jimmy gets to go to one USC football game a year (again, my how things have changed). This past weekend was Jimmy's one game. Instead of sitting at home with Jimmy gone - the boys and I decided to visit everyone in Columbia and spend time with the Cook's before sweet Caroline's arrival.

On Friday I packed up the car and the boys and we went to the aquarium for some fun before the long haul. We met our friends the Clayton's there.

From the aquarium we picked up Jimirita from work (his office is practically next door to the aquarium) and headed to Columbia. We made great time and thanks to our fun aquarium adventure - James slept for part of the way (see pic above - haha).

Friday night we took it easy and Saturday morning we got up and headed to Riverbanks Zoo. For dinner that night we met up with Craig, Tricia, Hamilton, Zan and Hugh for a little bday dinner for Craig-ee-poo. The boys enjoyed wings, discussing Gamecock football and "shooting deer". Great day and night with fam!

Post zoo naps at Feefee's:


We tried to talk Caroline into coming out to play :)

And on our way home we surprised Meme and Papa with a quick hello!

Great weekend filled with family, fun and football! :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Clicking up the Coaster

You know the clicking of a roller coaster as you slowly rise up... CLICK - CLICK - CLICK - CLICK.... and as soon as the anticipation has reached its peak, one last CLICK - pause and whooooooosh down you go!

Well parenthood (... well, honestly everything in life...) is just like that.

I was enjoying an irregular long stretch of clicking up the ol' coaster. I even said to Jimmy, "I'm expecting the downward spiral any day now. Things have been going too well for too long." lol -- that sounds uncharacteristically negative of me but - come on - let's be honest... When you've been a mom - even if only a little over 2.5 years - you know when it's coming (ha!).

Well we did go crashing down (hence that post last week about my problem child)... But I'm happy to report we are back on track - clicking up! Haha...

Joy always tells me God knows just how much we can take... And that's so true. Right when I reached my breaking point - I got to the end of the downward spiral and started charging up. Who-hoo!

Photos of us as of late:

Brrrrr - it's cold in GA! And yes, we've busted out sweaters with snowflakes and reindeer :)

Sadie is rather protective over baby brother, Wyatt:

Cooking dinner has been a breeze as I have two handy helpers (ha, ha, ha!):

James MIGHT have made an engagement proposal to buddy Nicole:

We love to snuggle:

Somebody is chunking up!

And somebody is growing up too fast:

My latest Instagram post couldn't be more true -- it was the below pic with the quote, "Be faithful in small things as your strength lies in them." -Mother Teresa

Enjoying the ride up, but jimmy just texted me and said, "Don't put your hands up..." Hahaha :) so true in more ways than one!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fun Weekend

So Gigi came to town to shop Scott's and to get some James and Wyatt snuggles. It was a great weekend and we even got a little date night as Gigi so graciously insisted on us going out and she babysitting (yes, please!)

Photo montage:

Friday evening snuggles, waiting on Jimmy to get home from work:

Saturday morning grins from Mr. Chill:

James getting spoiled by Gigi:

Gigi and James modeling some killer boots (mannnn):

Post Saturday afternoon naps with my boys and a hot cup of tea:

Saturday night movie with Aunt Gigi:

Terrible pic, but great night! :)

And we said bonvoyage to the bassinet! Can't wait to see my niece Caroline in it soon!!! :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Problem Child

Who remembers this movie?

Guess who the upcoming sequel will be based on?

That angel.

Whew. Rough day as a mom of a two year old. I promised myself to quit wishing time away but man.... I'm ready to be out of the terrible 2's.

Here's to a new day (hopefully) after nap time. Fingers crossed!