Monday, September 30, 2013

My helper

... always quick to want to wash Wy-man's toes...

... and "sing" Wyatt a song when he's crying... (and by sing I mean screech and scream itsy bitsy spider, which only upsets Wyatt more to the point he is screaming / crying - and James doesn't quit "singing" / screeching / screaming the song. BUT. It is still cute... right? :) ha...)

We survived...

... our first month as a family of four (just barely - haha, jk!).

Thanks to great friends and a FANTASTIC, SUPPORTIVE FAMILY -- we successfully made it through the big transition -- from a family of three to a family of four. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - I don't see how people raise children without a support system...

I definitely don't know how single moms out there do it. Jimmy is my life-line and we have gotten into a great nightly routine. Man-on-man defense. I handle Wyatt while Jimmy... "tackles"... James - wah, waaaah. :) I have survived a night on my own as Jimmy had to go to an out of town wedding, and since Wy-man was too small I just stayed home and manned the field (too much sports reference? Oh well, it is fall isn't it? And, this family of four is 3 boys vs 1 girl.. I betta get used to it!). It was do-able but LAWD, much, much better when my other half is here to help.

I also don't see how people raise children without supportive parents. Jimmy and I are both very lucky to have such amazing parents, on both sides. Nana & Pop and Meme & Papa help out so much -- it is amazing. (THANKS ALL :)

So now, I can step off my soapbox and get on to the good stuff - pics and a recap of our first month with Mr. Wyatt (click here to see what James looked like at one month):

Mr. Wyatt not only got a paci a lot sooner than James did - but also the bottle. Whoo hoo! Share the feeding jobs :)

I know I posted a pic awhile ago - but James had his first day of "school"!

Once Wyatt was 3 weeks, Jimmy took a week off of work of "paternity" leave... We started his week off with a big family trip to the mountains where we surprised Dad/Pop for his 60th birthday. Dad has been really wanting all four kids and all NINE grandkids to come to the mountain house (which is really hard to do considering the number of people involved)... But we were excited to surprise dad by all being there to celebrate him and everything he means to us! It was a crazy time... busy, loud, constant but also amazing and a memory we will have forever. Thanks for turning 60 dad... we enjoyed celebrating you - an amazing dad, grandad and the most amazing role model that we all respect so much. Love you so much dad/pop!!! :)

While the big kids were playing in the yard, Mr. Hugh was very happy on the porch sitting on this car! It was so cute:

Of course the Larsons were decked out in Carolina gear :)

Our attempt at a family photo - FAIL, oh well :)

Enjoying the fabulous weather and our cousins! 

These cousins have LOTS of fun together... 

Gigi got in some Wyatt snuggles :)

I can't get over how big little Hunt has already gotten! Time flies in "baby time!"

The first day we went to a couple apple orchards...

Posing with a caterpillar made of hay

Hunter was super excited about his baby carrier - Hunt looks equally excited :)

The front of the caterpillar's face - creepy little guy :) haha

Checking our height... James has some catching up to do!

There were some HUGE pumpkins!

We even got to ride on a cow-choo-choo!

... all cousins on board!


So this sweet little pea was tired of waiting on the driver (who was taking his sweet time)... So as all the cousins were sitting in their cow train... waiting... Adeline yelled out, "Haaay! Let's get this baby going!" :) 

I even got to ride! James was a little nervous to ride solo... (or... maybe... I was nervous to let him ride solo... Oh well - we had fun! :)

Pop and Craig decided to join in the fun! That's one Howard filled train!

The next day all the big kids went on a "children's hike"

I stayed home with Wyatt - but Jimmy took James and discovered all kinds of animals and things! 

The morning hikers (minus Pop)

Morning hikers minus Tricia 

The pictures are a little out of order, but this was at the apple picking place - Hamilton, Adeline, Zan and Gracie - when did these kids get so big?! 

We picked ALL SORTS of apples... 

Nana and Pop and some of their chillen' and grandchillen' :)

James got to ride with the apples!

Making the hike to see the damage done!

Enjoying some apple doughnuts, apple cider and fun!

Back at the cabin we had more outdoor fun!

As I said - pics are a little out of order, but this was from the children's hike. Sweet Ellie-boo posing as a ...? fox? 

Beautiful mountains!

Back on the hike - James with his oldest cuz, Hamilton. 

Dada and James - LOVE!

More dada and James...

Little boy in a big world!

While those busy bees were hiking we ladies stayed back with the babies and enjoyed some quiet time! :) haha...

Joy and Hunt (not sure why the pics are turned sideways).

The current babies - Hugh (11 months), Hunt (4 months), Wyatt (3 weeks)

Every night Pop makes the grandkids smores... A memory I remember doing with my own Pop :)

After everyone left, we stayed for an extra day since Jimmy was off... 

When we came home Meme and Papa came by for a visit! They even treated us to a date-night out!! (amazing, yes!)

On Thursday of Jimmy's paternity leave we went to downtown Roswell for Live at 5 with some friends... It was nice to enjoy beautiful weather, live music, a beer (whoo hooo, haha), and good times with good friends! Although - James was a little rambunctious (imagine that)... I got to watch Wyatt and sit with my friends Kortney and Mary Hunter while poor Jimbo chased after James :) I think Jimbo got the short end of that stick :) Pictured with Wyatt is Kortney's youngest - Case (4 months)

I was trying to document our time... but this is the only pic of Jimmy and James I got - right after he let go of his balloon and he just realized it was not coming back. Whooops! 

Wyatt snuggles :)

We even went out to eat as a family of four! I was kind of nervous, but it was nice!

Jimbo even got some James snuggles!

Wyatt looked like this the entire time - he sat with me! Haha...

Morning snuggles - enjoying Jimmy having an entire week off!

BOOOO to Dada going back to work! haha...



Me and my little boys...

Mr. Wyatt still has a time staying awake for his feedings... but I've been relishing in the sleepy, snuggily baby :)

We've also been going to music class... I put Wyatt in the baby carrier and James dances with his best bud, Nicole... Here they are getting down:

They are quite easily the stars of the show (in my - HUMBLE - opinion - HA!)

We've even gotten some smiles out of the little nugget, Wyatt!

James has asked if Wyatt could take a nap with him in his bed... I told him no, but couldn't avoid the photo-op! Sweet brothers... (Wyatt looks thrilled!)

Wyatt and James - you both are amazing gifts to your daddy and I. I'm loving life as your mom - although you test and try me constantly! haha... Its a wild ride, but I wouldn't change it for a thing. Life is so good!

Wyatt's one month stats: 

WEIGHT: 9lb 10oz (65%)
LENGTH: 21.5" (50%)

Wyatt's one month photo shoot: