Thursday, November 15, 2012


Dippin' Boy

Jimmy and I both love dips... We love chips and dip, dipping sandwiches in sauces or hot soup, our wings in ranch or blue cheese, etc...

Apparently our love of dipping has been passed on. Whenever we go eat Mexican (a Larson fav), James HAS to have his own cup of salsa to dip in. Now he has to have ketchup... on... everything! Today he not only plunged his leftover fries in ketchup... But also some cheez-its and lots of grapes. I know, ew.

Enjoy some pics of our messy lunch:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Friends getting married and having babies...

... yeah... Jimmy and I both realize we are old. Well, Jimmy and his friends are... I'm still way behind them.... Ha!

This weekend we headed to Aiken for Josh and Carla's wedding. Jimmy was in the wedding as a groomsmen, along with Jimmy's ol' best man and new father, Ian Kane.

We hadn't got to meet Ian and Britnie's sweet baby girl, Maren, yet so we cover lots of bases with this trip.

Although the wedding festivities were in Augusta, GA, we were able to stay with Meme and Pawpaw (formerly Grammy and Grandpa, renamed by James - ee - poo!) and were all grateful for time together (especially Mr. James).

It was a great (but exhausting) weekend! We were constantly on the go, go but had a great time and loved watching Josh as he married his beautiful bride! He was the happiest we can all ever remember.... Cheers to the Delaneys! :-)

Once we got home and .... somewhat .... settled, we headed to have dinner at Grandmama and Sandra's. James was in hog heaven bc he had Gracie and Adeline to follow around.

All in all, great weekend! :-) enjoy some pics (of course scrambled in order compliments of the iPhone app, but oh welllllll):