Monday, February 25, 2013

Partying Productive Weekend

Whew! We just had a busy, busy weekend of some work and lots of fun. We not only got some furniture packed up and unloaded that didn't fit in our new home in GA, but also celebrated two sweet little girls birthdays! All while managing to clean up our old house for hopefully a quick sale sometime soon (prayers welcome!) and going to church.

It was a great weekend, and we loved every minute of it.... well, almost. ;-)

Can't believe our youngest niece is one and our oldest niece is five. Time is flying, so we are trying to enjoy every minute as it rushes us by.

Here are some pics of our fun weekend. We celebrated Ellie's birthday at Aunt Fefe and David's along with 20 other kids that James LOVED playing with Saturday afternoon. On Sunday James had his first Children's Museum experience in Greenville. He had a ball and had no idea where to start. We will definitely go back!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Surprise Going Away Party

So right before we made the big move to Atlanta, GA (well... Marietta) - our fabulous friends and family in Greenville, SC gave us an amazing send off. What we thought was just a night out with Fran, David, Hunter and Joy - turned out to be an amazing night filled with fun, laughter and great times. It was a night I will ALWAYS remember.
It's funny when I first moved to Greenville it felt so very foreign to me. I almost cried trying to find my office in downtown Greenville (hahaha)... I would constantly get lost trying to get to the simplest places. When Jimmy and I would go out to eat - I would know no one... which was a huge adjustment from living in Columbia where I grew up and went to college. I felt as though it would NEVER feel like "home.".... but sure enough - it is so much more "home" now than Columbia is! Crazy how over time so much can change.
So although the move has been rocky, and I don't quite feel at "home" here - I know with time.... this too will become a new "home." But for the meantime I'll hold on tight to my Greenville friends and memories... You give me such hope for our family's new adventure in Atlanta/Marietta, GA!
Pics from the night, enjoy:
Right before the babysitter got there - a little mommy and James photo op :) 
Sisters shot!

Sisters plus Gigi

All the Howard chillen' as my dad likes to call us :)

The Howards - well, the adult Howards :) Gigi

"Sisters by chance... Best friends by choice..." This is Fran and my mantra... and it looks as though it is also Mom and Sandra's. Love them! :)

Stephanie and Travis and Baby T coming this April!

Sweet, fun friends :)

MS and Julie

Fran and I with Mrs. Body Combat herself, Kathleen!

Me, Joykens and Baby BOY Howard :)

Greer girls - love them :)

Craig & Chan, and a little smoochy smooch

Man, we've grown up a lot since playing football on Thanksgiving at the Greers :)

Nana and Pop with their newest grandbaby, Hugh (#7)

Not all bad things come out of long, accounting hours - great friendships do!

Terrible photo - but great memory... Me and the hubs... Married and in Greenville for 5.5 years....

Pop was on some heavy duty "pop duty" that night.... Couldn't seem to steal Hugh away :)

Aiken HS Reunion!

I got my very own Mary Sims photo! A twin sandwich! :)
 Don't worry, Jimmy took the pic - no jealousy there, ha! :)

Me and the Mrs. Twins :)

I don't think we will ever really grow up.
(Jimmy will always be so amused by the Mac and Narf shenanigans)

No Howard gathering would be complete without a little hydraulics from Mrs. Frannie :)

All the cousins and sibs -- family is priceless... Love them all. :)
My hope for my children is that they will share the same love and admiration for their siblings and cousins as I do.

Trying my hand at rubbing off some of the baby-mojo onto Mary Sims...
(You're welcome Carter & Betty Neele! :) haha

Bro-Lo's at their finest :)
(I still remember hanging out in college talking about how much fun we'd have once we were all married and had families of our own. Well... we were right!)

MS signing "the book"

We had a lot of fun that night... and the fun continued on early the next morning!
James & Dada snuggles in the morning...

Ellie enjoyed playing with James' toys...
And I soaked up all the love and kisses from all the little ones!
(such an unattractive photo - but again, great memory!)

Thanks again Greenville for the amazing send off. I'm excited about the Larson's new chapter in Atlanta... but I'm also glad it is only a 2.5 hour drive from Greenville! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finally! We are connected...

So ever since November 2012 I have been (not very successfully) functioning without a computer. This has been extremely hard for this stay at home mom.... Especially considering I pay bills, check the news, shop, connect with friends and blog all via the internet.... but I am VERY happy to say -- a little box came in the mail yesterday and I am... uh... we are :) connected! :)

So now that I can hook up the ol' camera up to the computer, here was one of our first Atlanta adventures. On New Year's Eve we three went to the Georgia Aquarium. That night Jimmy treated us to a daddy-cooked meal, coupled with a very fancy mock-tail! (I was about 5 weeks pregnant on NYE). Enjoy our memories:

Notice the building right in front?? Ernst and Young... I just couldn't resist the photo-op! :)

These pictures were taken in the field right in between the Georgia Aquarium and the Coca-Cola building... Too bad they keep all those EY'ers busy... Otherwise they'd have lots of fun things to do on their lunch breaks! :)

James thought the big "balls" were "coo"

... but was quite disappointed when they would not move... ha!

Happy New Years family and friends! :)