Monday, October 31, 2011

Beach Bum Baby... James

So our little beach bum went on yet another trip to the beach! :) (Hey, this semi-stay-at-home-mom ain't complaining!)

It was really special because it was the first time we had a pretty extended, just the three of us, vacay, and it couldn't have been any better!

So... I'm pretty obnoxious about the camera... so to say James' life is well-documented is an understatement. I only hope to be able to continue the picture taking with our future bambinos... We shall see though! :)

Daddy trying to feed James our first morning at the beach :)

"Whacha lookin' at?!"

Daddy-son porch sitting... Enjoying the wonderful weather!

Trying to get a face shot...

There are those baby-blues :)

I love this one, but the next...

.. I absolutely love! Sweetness :)

Mommy and James giggle time on the beach!


Checking out the frigid water..

My chunker and my hubber :)

Love this one...


James was about ready to call it quits...

... but never before some snuggle time with mama :)

Have I mentioned how much I love this little booger?

Jimmy gets a kick out this outfit... "Off to work!" (Thanks Stephanie for the cute onesie!)

"Aww, there you are! Hiiii!" - James

Playtime in the early AM in bed with mommy and daddy.

First (awake) golf car ride.

Family fun time :)

Walk on the beach in the bjorn...

Notice his newly purchased Fripp hat (we forgot to pack one... SIDE NOTE: there is a lot of ... STUFF... to pack for a yittle, tiny bambino!)

Golf car adventure and photo-op... (James decided he wasn't in the picture taking mood ;-)


Our typical Fripp pic at the condo.

Happy hour on the porch deck... A little vino, a little hummus and lots of lovin' and snugglin' :)

Cheesy biscuits

Mommy's photo-shoot

....shootin' it....

... James trying to grab the camera during the shoot....

Half Marathon training continues even while on vacay... Jimbo running in TERRIBLE weather...

He's my hero!

Our little Gamecock, ready for the game!


I just love snuggle time with my James-ee-poo...

Dinner Saturday night at JCT's!  (Goooo Cocks! FIGHT! WIN!)

We had such an amazing time with our little family, we decided to make a tradition of taking at least one, just us, family trip a year. Our next trip is to the mountains for NYE... Can't wait! :)

Happy Halloween!

So today was James' first Halloween, and it was a huge success! We just got done trick-or-treating and James has 5 bags of candy... ha! Just kidding, but we did have a great day...

We got all dressed up and right before we went to Jimmy's office for the annual EY Halloween Fiesta, we stopped by the Greenville Chamber to see some friends. After the EY we ventured over to Hunter and Joy's to see the Greenville cousins, Gracie and Adeline!

It was a fun day. Here's to more holidays with my little (and big!) man. :)

Happy Halloween y'all!

Pics from today (yes, be impressed that I'm posting these the day I took them... This is all for you Auntie Fannie.... Fran (who just started her own blog) called and told me she needed to see James' Halloween outfit, pronto... Yes ma'am! :)

This morning we tried on our outfit (minus the leggings) to make sure it still fit:

"Mom... What. Have. You. Put. Me. In?!"

"This is just once a year, right?" :)

We tried our first taste of bananas this morning... He wasn't so sure, but really started to down them after awhile.

Nana came by to see James in his costume. We took a pic right before we got him suited up... He does, however, have on some "spooky" clothes ;-)

EY Halloween Bash :)

Off to visit the Greenville cousins... (someone wasn't feeling so hot)...

... and somebody was feeling saucy! :) Little cupcake Adeline...

James LOVES his cousins... He especially gets a HUGE kick out of Adeline... (I think the feeling is mutual)

He LOVES her!

He LOVES them both! :)

I love this one:

Hahaha.... If only James knew how lucky he was!

Snuggles with mommy in the driveway..

Daddy and James on the front porch...

The cutest punkin(s) ever :)

And don't forget about Sadie! :)

We've had a great Halloween so far! Hope you do as well!