Monday, April 14, 2014

Wyatt is 6 months! (A little late!)

So I've been extremely tardy in my monthly posts... Part of the reason -- life is surely crazy with two munchkins vs one -- and the other reason, we had not such a great 6 month doctors appointment for sweet little Wyatt. When I went to his doctors appointment on a Friday morning with James in tow I was super excited to hear how he's grown, what his percentiles were, etc... So then when I saw concern in my doctor's eyes and then the words x-rays, MRI, physical therapy escaped her lips -- I became quite emotional. I've never had a moment when I thought something was seriously wrong and man was that a wake up call. Not only to our blessings on how lucky Jimmy and I are to the fact that this was the first time we've had such a scare but also how lucky we were that it wasn't something much more serious as other children and parents face everyday.

So the doctor was concerned he was not sitting up and it wasn't that he wasn't sitting up but that we couldn't position him in that position. He was so stiff. But after a set of x-rays (which were clear), a physical therapy evaluation that wasn't so clear but coupled with a great physical therapy follow up appointment -- the doc said she was fairly confident there are no neurological issues present. Halleluijah! So we are just stretching Wyatt and working on specific things with him. I am so thankful everything was okay.

So. Time to catch up!

The four of us have a great time together while Jimbo is hard at work!

We watched the Super Bowl together and although James would NOT sit still... He and I had fun dancing to the half time show together!

The boys got their very first good snow where we got to play, sled and even make a snow man!

James sported Jimmy's Beatrice Potter snow suit. Hehe :)

Which kept him good and warm through the treacherous "mountains" of the hood! ;)

What snow day is not coupled with yummy hot chocolate and warming by the fire?!

Since big brother had all the fun in the snow - we decided Wyatt deserved some fun .... So first taste of solids!

Brothers are building their bond more and more everyday!

Wyatt started "jumping"!

So.... It snowed a lot this winter (we were all a bit over it). We are ready for a few years to go I between now and the next snow! Obligatory family - snowman - photo!

Wyatt just cuter and cuter everyday!

Wyatt is a little facial dramatic.

Below is his first taste of applesauce - BAHAHAHAHA....

Below is his contagious smile...

Below is his confused face. Brothers are pretty tight..... but sometimes they don't get each other. (Priceless)

James goes on our usual roller coaster -- but here's my sweet big boy feeding baby brother:

I had to leave both munchkins the first of March for my good friends bachelorette weekend at the Greenbrier in WV. It was tough leaving my three guys but think we all needed it! Haha

Wyatt got his first swing on:

This is how most dinners were during busy season... We've been missing Jimmy lots!!

Admits the snow storms we also got spring like - porch sitting weather! Good ol southern weather!

James got his first bad report home (we can laugh now, sheesh).

Brothers getting their play on !

My two extra special boys:

He wasn't quite sitting up but we were working on it!
His two favorite people are his daddy and his brother!
Can't stop admiring that sweet dadyo! :)

What's that saying? Better late than never? Ha. A whopping 6 months late but here goes my attempt at playing catch up! :)

Wyatt... At a very busy, very happy 6 months.

And here comes big brother!

Wyatt LOOOOVES him some James!

What was going on at the time I was typing up the 6 month post. Pure and utter chaos. Aka my life the past 6 months. ;)

Silly boys:

6 month stats:

Weight: 16lb (25%)
Height: 26" (25%)
Head circumference: 17" (50%)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wyatt Rolled - back to tummy!

So I've been doing a bad job of blogging but had to document today's new development -- Wyatt rolled from his back to tummy! Big time :)

I think it was the holy water that's on his head that inspired him to do it (Wyatt was baptised today -- more pics to come..... I hope!)