Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So with the Babywise mantra there is this thing called the "dreamfeed" -- the last feeding of the scheduled day. Apparently you should be able to pick up a swaddled, asleep baby and feed them this feeding... But not my sweet James. I have to unswaddle the stinker and sometimes change his diaper to get him to latch on. Although this is the last feeding of the day (around 10pm) and I'm looking forward to the day when I don't have to wake him up to feed this late... I know I'm going to miss this special snuggle time with my sweet boy.

This pic is what James ALWAYS does after we unswaddle him... Those arms go a flying. :) he's the sweetest boy ever..

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shots are no fun!

So I tried to post last night about James' 2 month appt but it didn't work from my phone. He is 11 lbs and 0.8 oz, 22.5 inches long. We had a minor scare where the doc made me think my two month old had chicken pox, which he doesn't, thank the good Lord above!

So long story short we had to wait until today for our shots... And somebody is NOT a happy camper! :( I've been trying to pack and this little booger onlyt wants to be held... This pic is how I finally figured out how to make him happy while I pack. What a stinker! :) I love him to pieces!

PS--two nights ago was the first time James slept thru the night! Yahooooo!

PPS--our little chicken pox scare made me realize how I wish our fav doc lived in G'Vegas -- Dr. Kane! We know he wouldn't steer us wrong! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy TWO MONTHS James!

My baby boy is already two months old! Tomorrow we are heading to the doc for updates on all his stats, but here is his monthly photo shoot.. I'm also including the first month's shoot because I was a beach bum and never got around to posting before now!

Right now James has really found his smile and his adorable laugh and I'm absolutely LOOOOOVING it. He is so much fun! I hate putting him down for a nap, which it feels as though I'm doing all the time....

{I know all of you veteran mommies out there are thinking to yourself, "She better enjoy it now because before she knows it he'll never be sleeping!"}

He also can almost officially hold his little head up on his own. He flys around every now and then so we have to be careful, but for the most part he can "hold his own."

He has lost a good bit of his hair that he had right when he was born, but he still has way more than I ever did as a baby.

He is still feeding every three hours (7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm and one middle of the night feeding). I feel like he is soo close to sleeping through the night, but we aren't quite there yet. He basically stays awake for about an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less (including feeding).

Jimmy and I were just talking about how happy we are right now with our little baby James. We feel so incredibly blessed and I'm loving every day with him.... and I know before I know it I'll be posting his 3rd month post!

TWO MONTH OLD PHOTO SHOOT (with my corny side commentary):

"Do you hear this guy??? Ol' Bluey is HILARIOUS!"

"Some people have two sets of hands, and two sets of toes... I have four sets of hands..." (Notice my long toes I like to use as fingers...)

 "My mommy will do ANYTHING to make me smile..."

"Um... that's not funny, that's just weird."

"Mom... I think it's time to change the ol' diaper.... Whew!"

 "No lie, Mom. It's getting stinky..."

"Ahhh much better. Thanks mom! Time to chillax."



Friday, June 17, 2011

Visiting my great grandma!

What a ham...

James loves playing with that baby in the mirror! :)

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Note to self: Gotta keep the swaddle...

So James fell asleep in the car on the way back home from our impromptu slumber party. So when I laid him down to sleep I thought I'd give this nap a go without the swaddle. So I laid him down sound asleep. About a minute later -- this is what we have -- one sweet baby with wild arms and legs. Covers were kicked off in no time and those arms were just a flying.

Mom to the rescue with a tight swaddle and warm hugs and kisses. Back to sleep little man :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank the good Lord for family!

So, Jimbo is out of town... Our power went out.. My cell phone was dead... My laptop was dead... Oh and did I mention I have a newborn??

So not even an hour after the power went out my daddy-o was at the house to the rescue! We packed up the baby, the dog, myself and headed to grandma's house (aka mom and dad's).

If I haven't said it once I've said it a million times... I don't see how people have babies without family! My family has been so amazingly helpful my whole life, but I've truly come to appreciate it once I had James...

(The pic is of sadie chillaxing at the loft... James is fast asleep ((knock on wood!)) In his pack and play! )

James' Birth Story

So now that my learning curve is slightly better than it was... I have time to make a little recap of James' birth story. I'm sure I will get some details wrong... forget some things... etc., but if I don't recap it now, I know I won't remember down the road... So here goes (Jimmy, feel free to let me know what details I get wrong because you were in a ... "saner" state of mind - ha!)

So it is no secret that I was ready to hurry up and deliver our sweet baby James... His due date was 4-23-2011, but I just knew I was going to have him a smidge early (well, I was hoping...). So on 4-20 I was having pretty consistent braxton hicks all day... I didn't think much of it because I had been having them all week... 

So that evening Jimmy and I decided to go out to eat... We went to dinner, had a fun time, and right when we got home I went and got ready for bed. Every other day of that week I had not gotten ready for bed so early because I "knew" I would be going into labor any minute... well I guess you could say I had given up hope, because I got ready for bed as soon as we got home, and then Jimmy and I snuggled in to watch our Wednesday night show - Modern Family. During a commercial Jimbo got up to use the bathroom and at that time, I had my very first contraction.

You know how everyone talks about "false labor"?? Well I was so worried about going into the hospital thinking I was labor when I really wasn't, since I was constantly having braxton hicks. I kept asking all of my girlfriends, "how do you know when it is real labor?!" ... and they kept responding, "Cam, you just know," which was so annoying because that didn't tell me anything... but in all honesty -- they were right... You just know!

So right when Jimmy walked back into the den and saw my face - his mouth opened wide and said, "It's time, isn't it?!" I guess my face said it all - I was in labor (ouch!!!!). So I think that was around 8:30 p.m. or so... so from then we started timing the contractions... They were getting closer and closer and so I hopped in the shower and by the time I finished blow drying my hair, we decided... IT WAS TIME TO GO!

So we said goodbye to ol' Sadie, packed up the car and headed on the road... We didn't quite make it to 5 minutes apart, but I told Jimmy I didn't care if I had to wait in the hospital parking lot until they were closer, I wanted to be sure to get there in time (for my epidural, of course!).

So we are driving, a little dazed, a little nervous, a little scared, etc.... then BAM! a contraction hits while we are on I-85... I tell Jimmy, "I need to get out of this car!" haha... I was being that typical, good ol crazy pregnant lady... :)

So we arrive to the hospital and I am in some pain! Like serious... contractions... don't talk to me... don't ask me any questions.... pain! We finally get to our spot, check in and we head to our room so I can get checked...

Of course I can't figure out how to put on the dern hospital gown. Unfortunately my non-mechanical hubby can't either and I start to go insane. So Jimmers steps out to get a nurse to show us how to put it on, hahaha.....

So I get my gown on, and Jimmy is ready with the camera - I look so happy, don't I?

So we're waiting in this room and I'm getting really anxious... "Why haven't they come to check yet?!" So finally, a nurse comes, and I hop on the bed (although I really didn't want to... for some reason I prefered standing...). Anywho, she checks and she exclaims, "You're one tough cookie!" So I just look at her like, "What's that supposed to mean?!" and she tells me how I'm already 6 cm dilated. My immediate response, "It's not too late for the epidural, right????" Hahaha....

Well apparently we were cutting it close because she responded by saying, "We need to get you over to labor and delivery, pronto!" So she puts me in a wheelchair and she literally runs to the other side of the floor to get me admitted so that I don't miss out on my epidural (what a sweet, sweet nurse!).

So when I get to our room, Jimmy was Johnny on the Spot and took a picture of the bed before I climbed in... (the nurses thought that was sooo funny).

So I climb on in and I know I have to get two bags of fluids and my blood drawn before they can administer the epidural... and I was READY for the epidural! But of course it took them F-O-R-E-V-E-R-R-R to find my vein and to get the IV in...

Which reminded me of a co-worker, Terry Mannino.. Terry told me while she was in labor an intern or resident was about to give her her IV. She looked him square in the eye and said, "If you hurt me, I'll kill you." The intern/resident left the room and the doctor came in and gave her the IV. I wish I had been so ballsy. But alas, they found the dern thing and got the IV in, whew! By the time I was finally ready for the epidural I was already 8 cm and in some major pain (more power to those women out there who can do it without!). 

(Picture of Jimbo and I pre-baby, pre-epidural... fear in my eyes! haha...)

I got my epidural and all was right with the world. I jokingly started considering naming my child after the miracle drug. My mom came in to check on us at like 5 in the morning and who was asleep? Both Jimmy and I! Mom said something was wrong with this picture -- I was in labor and fast asleep... (she birthed all 4 of us, naturally... crazy wo'man ;-) haha...)

(Picture of Mom & I... maybe post-epidural? I don't remember... Mom and dad got there shortly after we called around midnight... Can you say they were excited?! haha....)

So finally it is time to push, long story short - James is here and it was so surreal. We had considered two different names and chose his name once we saw him... James Hunter... James from his daddy and grandfather and Hunter from my dad.

  A picture of the doctor who delievered James, Dr. DuBose, and the nurse, Nancy....

Our first official family photo (minus ol' Sadie-kens... they wouldn't allow her in the hospital, how ridiculous, right?? :)

 Before we knew it the whole fam was rushing in to meet the little guy...  Frannie and Mom were the first in the door... I think they came barreling in... Can you tell we were all sobing?? Haha... Such a sweet memory :)

James and I... we worked hard for his moment :)

Nana, Pop and James...

Auntie Fannie drove all the way from NC to meet Mr. James!

Joy and Gracie were excited... Gracie said he looked like a baby doll. She was so cute. Adeline came in too and kept look at me like, "Are you alright?!" I guess because I was laid up in the bed with cords flying every where. Such sweet cousins :)

The Kirchers came from A-town, and were so excited to meet their first grandbaby... Grandpa, Grammy, Jimmy, James and I...

Gigi came by once we were settled in the room... And yes, it appears as though Jersey Shore is on, but to be honest I think we had it on the news and they were talking about it on the news... (That's my story and I'm sticking to it! haha...)

Craig and Tricia drove all the way from Columbia after work with both the boys the day James came just to meet him on his official birthday. James is one special boy who is very loved!

The night James was born... (look how swollen my ankles were!)...

Sandra came by the next day...

So in a nutshell that is the day James was born. I have some funny stories to share from while we were there, but for now... this is it!

This day seems so long ago, yet again... it feels like it was yesterday. We love you James! You have already changed our lives so much in the (almost) eight weeks you've been with us in the best way possible. We are so blessed!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finally getting over that new job learning curb...

So every new job has some sort of learning curve... You know where you don't really know what you're doing and there is some "on the job training" (aka being thrust into it).... Well that's basically how motherhood is, in my opinion... You know, you read all these books, online articles, parent magazines, etc... You get as prepared as you possibly can, which is never enough - ha!, and then the little bambino is here and it's like, "wait a minute... this wasn't in the book?!"

So I finally feel as though I'm over the first major learning curve of just becoming a mom. I feel like I have it all down... for the most part. I know the "on the job training" will never end, and I will constantly be learning new things as James gets older and when he becomes a big brother (one day far away from today, haha....), but for now I feel as though I'm in a good place.

This post is also coming after my first amazing day with sweet baby James. I know there are a lot of mix feelings about Babywise, but starting on week one we started semi-implementing these principles in our day-to-day schedule. I can honestly say I thought I was doing it, but I really wasn't... I did the whole eat, play, sleep routine... and kept him on a 3 hour schedule... but that wasn't the main point of the book... I don't think so, at least.

So after our trip to the beach I realized James wasn't napping as he should... and that was my fault. So on the Monday after we got home I started some major sleep training, as I obsessed with my new found online Baby Bible, Chronicles of a Babywise Mom.

Day one was terrible... to be honest they all were, but Monday was def. the worst. I know the mixed emotions people feel about Babywise has to do with the Crying It Out (CIO), but it isn't as bad as people may think. It isn't as though you just lay your baby down and walk out the door... but you do let them cry for a bit, and if they don't stop you go in and try to soothe them (well, you do what you want, but this is what I did). As you can imagine this can drive one crazy... which it did.... (SORRY JIMMY :) haha...)

So needless to say it was tough, but so worth it considering yesterday James took three phenomenal naps yesterday (3 out of 4 ain't too bad!)! I put him down for those naps wide awake and he put himself to sleep and slept for around 2 hours with NO crying!!!! It was amazing. I kept checking the monitor like - "is this thing on?!"

What I think is so important to also point out is James was SO happy when he woke up this morning (well... when I woke him up, ha!). It is amazing how much happier a baby with plenty of sleep is! Before I started his "sleep training" James would typically stay up for a mere 45 minutes or so for his wake time (30 of which is for feeding).... but this morning he was up for an hour and 10 minutes, which is pretty big stuff for a newborn!

So... I just wanted to make a quick post and endorse the Babywise principles... It is really hard to do it, but I really think it is worth it. I know it is a roller coaster and just because yesterday was great doesn't mean today will, but we are on a path toward great sleep for my little man, which is great! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

James' First Fripping Good Time

Well, I still haven't posted his one month post, perhaps will do a double-whamy on his two month birthday? Who knows... But for now, here is his first beach trip, well documented (warning... photo overload)! :)

Although he couldn't really do anything different from what he does at home, it was sure nice for Jimmy and I to have a bit of a break... We even got a night out on the town, which was very nice!

Not only was this his first beach trip, but his first "ride" in the baby bjorn AND the first official ride in a golf cart!

... Also, first time traveling and sleeping in his pack and play....

Look! No hands! :)

A little wake-time with daddy... This was the day he really "found" his smile...

Getting a bottle at a restaurant... Man is the pump a great invention!

James with all the ladies...

Maybe next year he can go on adventures with the big boys :)

Haha... my little man....

I feel like Zan was just James' size... but look at him now! So cute!

My 100th attempt at a cute picture of Zan and Hamilton looking out the window... Oh well!

Such a great daddy :)

"Who you talking to?!"

Family fun at Bonito's!

Cookie Monsterrrrrr!

James' first trip to the beach (don't worry, we kept him covered, under a tent and for just a short while!)

Slept like an angel!

... perhaps next year James will be the third man in the huddle...

The crew, keeping an eye on wee-man...

A little family photo...

My adorable nephews: Hamilton and Zan, so sweet :)

"Whacha doing, Nana?!?!?!"

James looking pimp... as always :)

Right before mommy and daddy's night out on the town in Beaufort!

 Boys will be boys...

Family photo before the beach breeze hit...


Wild hair...