Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wyatt's 2 Months / Paternity Week Fun

We survived month #2! Wahoooooo...

I've gotten the juggling of two munchkins pretty well... I by no means have it down... and I know it is only going to get harder (say whaaaaat?!), but it isn't as scary as it was when Wyatt was in utero. James has still been a little testy here and there but for the most part is adjusting greatly, considering he's the prime ol' age of 2. Wyatt is still a pretty chill and relax baby (thank goodness!). He still has only slept through the night once (sigh) but we are making progress. We have Wyatt on a good 3-hour schedule... His naps are hit or miss since I'm constantly having to pick him up and put him in his car seat to go do our typical activities (try sitting at home with a two year old and you will gladly wake up a sleeping baby to get out of the house! haha)...

Also during our 2nd month, Jimbo took his second week of paternity leave, which was so nice (although Jimbo did end up working during it, offfff course). But I can't complain too much - we had a great week spending time together as a family of four at the mountains. I also got to stop through Greenville on the way up to the mountains to see a bunch of family, which was amazing. I miss everyone so much!

Here are some pics from the past month (mostly taken in one week, ha!):

After James, Wyatt and I dropped Jimbo off at work - we started making our rounds in Greenville on the way up to the mountains. We stopped by Hunter and Joy's to see the girls and sweet baby Hunt (and Hunter and Joy of course). Of course James was SUPER DUPER excited to see the girls (his old play mates)... They literally ran around the house screaming at the top of their lungs for the entire time we were there. (Sorry Joy - that's James' new thing we are working on, haha!)

 Hunt was so chill and happy! He kept smiling a little bashful smile and grabbing his chunky little toes. It was too cute:

Gigi stopped by to see everyone and was so sweet to pick up lunch for us!

I couldn't get over how much Hunt had grown!

I caught Adeline trying to put on James' socks and shoes... which was hilarious. James (who can't sit still for any length of time) was a wiggly worm and Adeline just looked at me, put her hands up and simply said, "He don't point his toe, Aunt Cammie?" Haha... Thanks for the help, sweet girl!

After cousin fun and lunch - James, Wyatt and I headed to mom and dad's loft for some quiet time before going to Grandmama's. I was super nervous about going to Grandmama's after our wild morning and no nap, but James did great! And Grandmama was eager to get her paws on Wyatt. It was funny the first thing she said to me (after not seeing me for a few months) was, "You do have the baby, don't you?!" Hahaha...

James knew exactly where all the toys were - and we had a great visit playing with all her toys on the porch I used to play on as a child. 

Grandmama has NEVER asked me to take a picture of her but she did for this one. She said "Cam, take a picture! He's just looking at me, and smiling!" Priceless :)

Sandra got to meet Mr. Wyatt too...

When we left Grandmama's, we were going to pick Jimmy up from work, but I needed a quiet place to nurse baby Wy... Since Gigi's office is right next door to EY - it worked out perfect. James and Gigi played in her office while I fed Wyatt. 

James also loved playing with all of Gigi's toys and seeing all the cars and trucks down below!

We were waiting for Jimbo to come out while playing in the fountain. If you look closely -- you can see Jimbo walking out. Our timing could not have been more perfect!

We left Greenville that Friday afternoon and got to the mountains for some good quality time with Nana and Pop... The boys enjoyed their stogies - haha...

While the girls enjoyed the fire and wine - yes, please! :)

The next day we got to enjoy more quality time with Nana and Pop:

.... and James' best bud, Nicole, came to visit!

We took a chilly boat ride to dinner Saturday night while Nana and Pop kept Wyatt and Case (Nicole's baby brother)

We had our new GA friends the Claytons up for a few days:

When we were docking the boat - we got to see a beautiful sunset:

The next day we headed back to Justus Orchards for some more family fun - and apple picking!

Of course we had to ride the cow train!

Since Wyatt was wrapped on me, Jimbo got to enjoy the ride :)

Fran, Ellie AND Caroline (in utero) got to ride too :)


Rolling back in the "station"

My two cheese-balls :)

Caught a sweet pic of Jimmy, Uncle David and James headed in the orchard:

It is serious business out in the orchard...

Sweet Ellie-girl and Auntie Feefee!

James loves a good, neat "cup." Found this one, shaped like an apple filled with apple cider. He was in heaven. Haha..

Family photo... Although I look preggo - it is just because Wy-man is wrapped on me... Fun times :)

Me and my boys enjoying nice weather, apple cider and apples!

Our attempt at a brother photo... 

James was "over it" pretty quickly :)

Family photo:

Best buds & their dada's

The next day we ate lunch and enjoyed a beautiful view of the mountains:

On Sunday our family left.. On Monday our friends left... So Monday afternoon Jimmy, James, Wyatt and I trucked to Asheville because SOMEBODY lost their eye glasses in the apple orchard (typical Larson luck) so we made a trip out of it and stopped by the Biltmore (which is exactly where Jimmy and I had gotten engaged seven years ago - that month!).

James LOVED the animals at the "farm":

.. and of course all the tractors that went along with it...

Wyatt enjoyed napping in the stroller the whole trip.

James was a litttttttle intimidated by the big, beautiful horses:

Wyatt was cool as a cucumber :)

James had to ride every truck he possibly could (imagine that) - haha...

This one he got a kick out of and kept yelling "giddddy-up!" 

At this spot they had a band playing music. Right when we walked up he started playing Van Morrison, Into the Mystic - the song that Jimmy and I first danced to as husband and wife. Crazy since this is where we got engaged! We thought it was pretty neat... 

James and dada running around:

James enjoying the music:

James and Jimmy also did the childen's maze. At first try James was kind of smart and just walked through the trees -- he was like "this isn't hard!" But then the 2nd time he decided to play along and actually do the maze -- and he made his way out!

James also enjoyed riding on Jimmy's shoulders the whole time. 

The next day we took a low-key picnic to the park and James loved feeding (slash terrorizing?) the ducks - haha...

Sweet moments:

It was a beautiful day:

Wyatt (of course) was just chilling in the stroller...

James was eating up all the dada time he could gobble up!

The views were gorg!

... all the views! :)

I think they were getting tired of me snapping pictures. 

That night we enjoyed some more porch sitting with the fire and smores. 

Wyatt and the fire:

The next day Cheryl and Chuck came up to get little man... We attempted a family photo... It didn't quite turn out - but at least we tried!

James was not having it:

... but of course he was willing to smile with Meme and Papa, go figure! :)

Wyatt was ooberly smiley with Papa:

So when they left Wyatt was spoiled rotten with 100% of Jimmy and I giving our attention to him. 

He didn't know what to think - haaa!

The next day we came home and decided to last minute particpate in our neighborhood yard sale. With one day to prepare, in which we did not prepare... We were a success with a $21 profit - wahhh, wahhhhhhh. But since then I have sold our old double bed that was the main reason I went in the yard sale in the first place. So technically our profit is now raised to $86. Not too bad for 2 hours of work ;-)

On Saturday Meme and Papa brought James home, and stayed the night. On Sunday we had a neighborhood Halloween party...

Goofy feeding Donald a bottle:

Mickey Mouse was a little intimidated by all the costumes:

But at the first sight of candy, he warmed up!

His buddies from playgroup were there... They had games, a bouncy house, food, and lots of games. 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Goooofy! We won for best family costume - holler!

Then we took Mr. Wyatt's 2 month photos (only 7 days late, whoops!):

James never seems to want to participate in my photo-sessions:

Wyatt - chilling, as usual:

But wait - where did big brother go?

He no likey that (hahaha):

Back to smiles:

Wyatt's 2 month stats:

WEIGHT: 12lb 3oz (75%)
LENGTH: 23.25" (50%)

(James' 2 month stats: click here.) 
(James' 2 month post: click here.)

Life just gets better every day with these boys... all THREE! :)