Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Funday with the Larsons

Sunday Funday is starting to have a theme...

Church followed by lunch:

Then a lazy afternoon of naps and fun... early dinner and then popcorn a movie!!

(Wyatt has his eyes on mommy)

Tonight's movie: PLANES!

We shall see how long James sits still. :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy 5 Months...

.... and 3 days, Wyatt!

Not too late this month! Wyatt is the big 5 months. Hard to believe in less than one month he will be celebrating his half birthday! Whoa. Slow down time!

So Wyatt is sooooo close to rolling over from back to belly but not quite... He always gets distracted by a crazy 2 year old that is always causing major ruckus in the house! Haha...

He laughs and babbles up a storm... Starting as early as 5:30am some days (yikes is right!).

We left Wyatt for the first time this past weekend (along with James). Jimbo stayed in GA to work (stupid busy season) and I had a girls weekend up in the mountains (I think I got the best end of the deal, fo sho!). Nana and pop were troopers taking care of the boys. Especially with Wyatt's early morning wake up call (sorry mom!!).

I'm still nursing Wyatt but I have been trying to teach him how to hold his bottle for when the time comes -- wouldn't that be amazing?!?

He really loves his tongue these days -- always sticking it out alllllllllll the time!

His cheeks get really rosy right after he eats:

He loves playing on the floor and is fairly close to sitting up but not quite there...

5 month photo shoot:

Right now as I'm typing this James is chasing a balloon and Wyatt is dying laughing, keeping a very close eye on big brother James.

Wyatt you are such a sweet little stinker. You squeal with delight whenever you get attention... You are still relatively chill but also are getting a little feisty in your old age of 5 months (but you'll need some spunk to keep up with big brother James!). Your eyes are beautiful blue but maybe with a hint of green. Sometimes when I look at you I think I'm looking at James when he was a little love bug, and at other times I think y'all are completely different. We love you so very much and absolutely love watching you discover new things every day. I love you to the moon and back little boy! We all do! :)

Kids say the darnedest things...

So this past weekend my parents were amazing and kept the boys while I had a long anticipated girls weekend and poor jimbo worked (I despise busy season!). While in Greenville we got to visit with Grandmama:

I was telling her some of my funny "James sayings" and she told me I needed to write then down... So, here goes! :)

1). As you could see from a previous post, we have potty-trained James. It was probably the roughest week and a half, but we made it! James now has no problem peeing and pooping but still has to sleep in a pull up (which we call "special night time underware.) Well the funniest thing about him going is he gets so excited to flush it all to the "poopoo playground" that he sticks his head super close to the bowl... almost in the toilet bowl (yes, ew) .... and says, "bye bye TT... Have fun with my poopoooooo!" Or vise versa, "bye bye poopoo! Have fun with my TT!" Hahahahaha....

2). Just now... As James is... "settling down for his nap" he accidentally tossed Donald Duck out of his bed. So this is what I see/hear through the monitor:

"Oh no! Donald Duck! Heeeya...."

((((throws his blanket over the side of the bed)))))...

"Pull! Pull! Pull!

((((Starting to get defeated.... He suddenly throws all of his animals over the side of the crib.)))))

*i start to get nervous here, thinking he was about to make his first exit out of the crib.*

(((((He then starts pulling the animals through the slats that he just threw over.... That are in arms length...))))))

"See Donald? Come back!"

((((((Starting to get defeated, again.... He slumps down and looks at his animals that are now back in his crib.))))))

"I need help, guys! I need help! Come on Donald!"

((((((Then he starts to drape his blanket again.))))))

*Hahaha.... Silly boy :)

3). While potty training James, I always say, "I'm so proud of you, James!" when he would use the potty. He'd always respond, "I so proud of you too, mommmmm." :)

4). I was struggling to get a lost strap in his car seat.... While struggling James starts to pat my back and says, "you can do it mommy, I know you can!" (Another thing I said to James while potty training.)

5). The other day he picked up a play phone and acted like he was talking... I quietly followed him and heard him say, "Hey Dada! Hey! Oh nooo... What's wrong, dada?!? What's wrong?" He then spotted me and smiled and said "bye dada!" And hung it up. I asked him who he was talking to and he said, "my dada!" And then took off running.

I'm sure there are tons more but those are just at the forefront of the ol' noggin.

James, you are growing so much every day. You challenge us and crack us up so much every day. You give the best hugs and kisses. You are a bit bull headed and independent, but I know that will help you become so successful when you are big. You love Mickey Mouse, running around, chasing Sadie, playing outside, playing with trucks and cars and making Wyatt smile and laugh -- oh and playing on my phone- ha! We love you so much little munchkin!!! :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Four Months Wyatt

.... just a hair late! Haha...

So I did manage to take Wyatt's four month photos only five days late, but didn't get around to posting it until now. Oh well -- something's better than nothing!

Wyatt is sleeping through the night when he doesn't get this strange inkling to want to play at 4am. (Sighhhhh) :)

He is still a happy baby but he is starting to find his voice more and more... Some coo's and bable... Some times he likes to scream too - hahaha. He couldn't stay perfect and quiet forever!

He can roll from tummy to back and is so close to rolling from back to tummy. He loves getting any attention. Still laughs so hard when he gets nakie... Loves kicking in the bath tub... Loves his big brother, James!

Just a couple nights ago we quit swaddling his arms and he is showing to be a "bebe lover" like his big brother.

I haven't started solids because the doc told me I could wait and let's be honest -- I'm sticking with whatever is easy!

I'm still nursing wy-man. He is still on a 3-hour schedule. He has lately been victim of the chronic 45 minute naps, which big bro did too. Yesterday I had to wake him from a 2.5 hour nap so fingers crossed we are over that!

No teeth but little man is chewing on everything. He especially loves mommy's fingers.

We have started putting him in his jumper but he hasn't quite mastered the jumping.... He kinda just slumps to one side and stares at his idol, big bro J. :)

Photos from Christmas Day, which was 5 days late from his 4 month birthday:

Kisses from J:

Sweet brother:

My sweet baby boy:

4 month stats:

Weight: 14lb, 3oz - 50%
Length: 25.5" - 75%
Head: 16.5" - 50 %

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Movie Night Never Looked so Cute!

A movie, popcorn, blankets and snuggles... Doesn't get much better!

Wyatt wasn't quite as impressed with any of it.

:) happy Saturday all :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

And Howard Christmas Take 3

Perhaps I shouldn't blog at 10:45pm after 5 full days of potty training. I keep hitting send too soon. Mama must go to bed! And I shall... Once I get this sucker done! :)


Fran's Christmas angel!

Joy's Christmas angel:

Wyatt and Dada:

Christmas babies:

Hamilton performed some magic tricks before we did presents:

My Christmas angels:

David and the Clemson Tigers lost... Again...

For the fifth time.... HIGH FIVE FOR THE GAMECOCKS!!! (David is so stoked he is not only high fiving but trying to pound it out ;-) like the enthusiasm, Da'viiid)

Craig was enjoying Pop's gift from Hunter and Joy -- a log splitter! Lol

Love this pic.... Male bonding at its best. My daddy, my brothers (+ one bro-lo) and my sweet hubby. Greatest guys I know!

This pic about sums it all up though -- Hahahaha!

I love seeing how this family grows every year. Here's to more crazy, fun, loving memories in 2014!!

Howard Christmas continued....

... So I hit something on my phone and sent my previous post a little prematurely. Soooo.... Picking up where I left off:

So we told Hunt, Wyatt and Hugh that Santa was on the way.... They were shocked as you can tell... (Bahahaha)

Grand kids chowing down together...

Now that all 10 are here...

... It's just plain CRAZZZZZY!!!! :)

So the weekend following Christmas we trucked it down... well, actually, up... the road to Chimney Rock for a very Brady Christmas. Oh wait, I mean a very Howard Christmas.... Wah, Wah...

So I used to think it was "crazy" when my siblings would come home from college for the one year I was an only child. Ha... 18 year old self, you have much to learn!

This was our biggest and longest Howard Christmas yet! Typically we always just had an evening together because there was never a place that would house us all over night. But now that we have "Chimney Pop" Lodge -- we are able to spend days and nights together and it is priceless!

Under one roof we had 10 grandchildren - ranging in age from a mere 3 weeks to 7 years old, 11 adults - ranging in age of a YOUNG 30 (haaa) to a respectable 60 (love you mom and dad).

James had the best time hanging with all of his cousins... Jimmy and I had too much fun hanging out with all my sibs, their perfectly matched spouses and Gigi. It was a great weekend!

Here are some photos of our time together:

Wyatt was dressed to impress (Auntie Em gave him this outfit she bought at a French boutique, aww wee wee!):

My sissy and me with our wee little babies, looooove:

Sweet Hunt was fitted for his helmet early... He's gearing up for his future as a star linebacker for the Clemson Tigers!

There is always a roaring fire at the "lodge":

Pop and Wyatt sweetness:

Gracie is such a great big sister (and great big cousin!):

Daddy-Wyatt snuggles:

How do you settle down some rambunctious grandchillen'? Turn on the TV. Lol

Porch sitting has never been so... peaceful.... nor relaxing..... Riiiiight.... :)

We actually made this happen... A photo with every Howard family member present! It was easy peasy.... Haaaaaa