Monday, July 25, 2011

James' bday gift to mommy...

He just promised me this would be the only "department of justice" jumpsuit he'd ever wear! :)

(Gigi gave him this little outfit. I can't believe he already fills it out!)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

First trip to church!

So we have a picture, but I'm too lazy to hook it up, but I did want to document James' first trip to church. I was of course on pins and needles worried that my little munchkin would start screaming... which happened... TWICE. But we sat right by the door and they were both right at the begining.. I finally got him to sleep and we sat through the whole sermon and a few more songs... Then suddenly his eyes flew open... I looked at Jimmy and said, "Let's go!" And we were outta there...

So I'd say it was a fairly successful church trip... :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy 3 months, James!

So my big boy is officially no longer a newborn - so sad.... Well, can I be honest? I'm excited! :) The first two months were tough with a newborn. As my sis-in-law Joy told me, Gracie taught her how to be a mommy and my little man James has (hopefully) successfully taught me how to be a mommy. Those first two months were a little rocky and scary, but we persevered and we have made it to the "golden age" as one of my "baby Bible" calls it (What to Expect, The First Year). Right now he is soooo stinking cute. He laughs, squeals, acts like he is dancing... all the while he is stationary... well sort of.

He absolutely looooves laying on his back - especially when I'm changing his diaper. He gets the biggest kick out of it. He sometimes scares himself when he gets really excited, because he'll squeal so loud and then he'll look around like, "Whoa.... What was that?" He is sleeping through the night, and has been for a little over a month (what a good baby!). He is still an officially 100% nursed baby, and I'm 1/2 way through my goal of nursing him for 6 months. He has started holding a rattle (without realizing it) and can hold himself up on his arms when he is on his belly. He still has yet to roll over, but as my mom says, "Don't rush it." Aye, Aye Captain! Grandmas know best!

This little boy has been a busy boy the first 3 months of his life. He has spent 30-40% of his life at the beach (rough life for both baby and mommy, huh? :) and he has traveled to Columbia for a birthday party (Uncle David's big ol' 30th!), and even a weekend trip to visit Grammy and Grandpa in Aiken. We've had a ton of fun but I think our little family is super duper excited about spending the next few weeks buckled in at home. Here is a recap of the past few weeks, along with his 3 month photo shoot...

Time is surely flying... How do I make it slow down?? :)


"Um.. Why most we do this each month, mommy?"

"Hey... that blue bear looks quite cozy..."

"Oops. I gotta focus on one thing. Sitting up without spilling over."

"Yeah, I might have a little less hair this month, but that's okay... I'm still my mommy's lovebug."

"I caught a fish and it was THIS. BIG."

"How much more can one man take, mom?"

"He said whaaa'?!"


He found his reflection...

We celebrated our first Father's Day, which of course had some arts and crafts involved :)

It was a major ordeal... While I was nursing James, Nana tried to splat that little hand down flat... Several failed attempts....

... but out of all the lemons, we had one winner! :)

I'm getting a little too big for my "infant net" in my bathtub...

Sadie & James are still figuring each other out...

James started to REALLY enjoy his diaper changes... (and getting nakie - haha)

And he knows how to be a sweet little angel... (Thanks Auntie Karen for his adorable outfit!)

We had a little photo shoot while we got ready for Uncle David's 30th birthday party...

Guess what the Cook's had at the party? Baby chicks... Guess what was on James' little outfit? Baby chicks... So cute :)

Jimmy: "Oh.. was I supposed to put you and Nana in the picture?"

A little pool action at the bday party..

"Peace out 20's...." - Uncle Da'vid

Happy 1st Father's Day! My two favorite guys...

We had our first over night trip to Columbia for Mary Sims and Thomas' wedding (Yay for the Costigans!)

Mommy and Daddy also got a little time out with friends :)

Oh boys....

Then it was back to the beach for Baby James... (rough life, right??)

Daddy's attempt of being funny...

Jimmy & I celebrated 4 years out in Beaufort! <3

James took another nap on the beach...

This picture just cracks me up... I think this is how James sees all of us...

Family photo @ Fripp - July 2011

James' first Fourth of July at Fripp - with the parade and all (the theme was amazing hero's but the Howard clan decided to be SUPER heroes...)

James was getting better acquainted with his cuz... He wasn't so sure at first...

But then he realized.... they were great!

We did the Howard family photo - James' first! Taken on July 4, 2011 (there are no longer enough steps!)

We won the sand castle contest... well Mr. Huntley was the real winner, but he let us pitch in!

James "rode" in his little sling for the first time...

We went to visit Grammy & Grandpa in Aiken in July 2011 for the first time...

Grandpa was always ready with the bottle!

James really started holding his little head up....

Mommy and Daddy got another night out (yes, we are spoiled!)...

James is really holding that head up well... (taken in the Great Room @ Grammy & Grandpa's)

We also comfort Sadie during thunderstorms... You can't tell it, but Sadie is in my lap and James on my shoulder... Jimmy was working late...

Here's to the memories! Life can't get much better than this! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

To Gramamma's house I go!

Farewell Chamber...

Well.. today was a bitter-sweet day for me. I cleaned out my office, turned in my laptop and key and said goodbye to my job at the Chamber.

I have the opportunity to manage some commercial property for my Dad while getting to stay at home with my sweet Baby James... So how could I pass that opportunity up? It was truly a hard choice to make because I absolutely loved my job, but I know I love my son and family more. So farewell Chamber, hello working from home and being a stay at home mom! :)

This picture has nothing to do with this post other than I just thought it is hilarious. Today we are making our first visit to Aiken with James to visit Grammy and Grandpa. We weren't sure how we all 4 were going to ride... So we put Sadie up front and James and I in the back. Well Sadie ended up crawling in the back and getting in my lap. So poor Jimbo is up front all by himself and I'm in the back with the chillen'... So maybe this picture does go along with the post? :)

Life is good...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chunky Munky

So we go to the beach for 2 weeks and where did my little baby go?? James is getting so big so fast!

Yesterday I joked with my grandmas about how quickly 3 months goes with a baby. It goes by a LOT faster with the baby out of the belly vs in the belly!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Text from my hubs :)

While sitting on the beach, Jimmy sent me this text since he is a great daddy and is staying up in the condo with James. It made my day. Life is good!
Hi Mommy. Hope you are having fun on
the beach. We love you.