Monday, December 23, 2013

An Aiken Christmas

So this past weekend and a day we enjoyed a Kircher- Larson Christmas. On the way to Aiken we made a quick pit stop to Greenville so that I could enjoy my annual girls' Christmas get together. It was an amazing weekend and a fabulous start to Christmas 2013. Hard to believe this time last year we were just moving into GA, and just finding out we were pregnant with Wyatt!

Enjoy our photos:

Getting packed with Me. Fresh, Wyatt ;)

Making grandparents some gifts with buddy, Nicole:

James has turned into a good traveler (compliments of our DVD player!):

Enjoyed my Friday night with these beautiful, funny friends:

Saturday night we went to Hopeland Gardens to see the lights (something Jimmy and I did back when we were dating):

The next morning we opened presents and were all spoiled rotten!

After opening gifts, Jimmy and James put together Legos in front of the tree (sweetness):

Later that morning we got to visit with good friends, Ian, Britnie and Maren (and James got a little fresh, HA!):

We got to share a room with this sweet nugget, and we all slept great!

Sunday night some of Jimmy's old high school buddies came by and James got excited to play with new friend, Caleb :)

It was a great time with family and friends and such a great kick start to what -- I have a feeling -- will be one of our best Christmases yet! :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Brotherly love and Welcome Baby Caroline

So here are a few of my latest favorite James and Wyatt photos from my phone. Just what we've been up to lately:

Mr. Elf came all the way up from the North Pole to keep an eye on my sweet boys! ;-)

Jimbo placed 2nd in his EY 'stache contest:

Mr. Wyatt is growing like a weed:

We've been enjoying introducing James to some of our favorite Christmas movies (and Sadie is enjoying the popcorn that comes along with it!):

So James has been pretty "over" Wyatt, but the other day he asked to hold him.... Certainly can! (... And yes James is still sporting his Indian headdress he made in school for Thanksgiving.)

Sweet Caroline Frances Cook was born! The 10th grandchild on the Howard side!

Last weekend I left the boys in good hands (with their daddy) and drove to Columbia for some quality sister and auntie/niece time! Lala came and we got to rub on her bump, due in February!

James is also growing like a weed!

James is also being a VERY good big brother and teaching Wyatt all about trucks!

I can't get over how much Wyatt is looking like J as a baby, guess who is who:

Mom, dad and Gigi came for the weekend but of course I didn't get a pic of us but I did get one of the dinning room table -- sadly only the second time we've dined in there:

These two studs helped me prep for dinner:

My favorite view these past few days!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Tree Farm

Ever since our first Christmas Jimmy has always talked about driving out to a Christmas Tree Farm to get our tree... Well this year we made it happen! Since we were in the mountains for Thanksgiving, on the way home we took a 45 minute - 1 hour detour and found our perfect tree. It was so much fun and there was actually snow on the ground. Oh and THE Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus were there taking pictures! I'm so glad we were able to tell Santa what we want (without having to wait in any crazy lines ;-) haha).

Enjoy pics of our little adventure:

James wasn't so sure about Santa:

.... like REALLY unsure...

But then we said if he smiled and told Santa what he wanted, Santa would give him a candy cane, which resulted in the below smirk.... Haha...

Then we trucked up the mountain with two munchkins in tow to find the perfect Griswold Christmas tree! ;)

The weather couldn't have been better!

James running to catch up with Daddy and Wyatt for a photo:

Good thing Santa gave James that candy cane (sarcasm). He worked on that thing for awhile!

Mommy and James, my big stud!

Jimbo and Wyatt braving the elements to find the perfect one:

James wanted to give a second opinion :)

Enjoying the view:

James literally grabbed this little guy and said, "mama can we get this tree, peaaaas?" :) it was the perfect size for him, lol

The 2013 Larson family tree!

Goof balls:

We had so much fun getting the Christmas season started with our two boys. Can't wait to celebrate and watch the magic all month long!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Well I have much to be thankful for: ONE warm home (last year at this time we were just realizing we were getting slammed with two mortgages as our Mauldin's seller backed out at the very last minute), a great neighborhood that has helped me get acclimated in my new city of Marietta, an amazing little nugget -- Wyatt -- who blessed us with his arrival in August, an energetic little two year old that challenges me everyday but I grow to love more everyday, the gift of being able to stay home and watch my babies grow every day (somedays it doesn't feel like a blessing but deep down I know it is!), the best family a girl could ever ask for, and the world's greatest hubby -- my partner in crime -- the person who truly gets me -- the one that helps me through the days I don't think I can.... :) So I guess another thing I should be thankful for is my dad making me go to that camp we met....
what....? Over 13 years ago? Sheesh. That makes me feel old. :)

Anywho. Just the other day I had to write 8 random facts about myself on Facebook ... Most were just totally random but number one was I truly believe I'm my happiest I have ever been in my life right now. I was not so sure about moving to GA but am hitting my stride and I know the challenge of moving to a new state has only strengthened Jimmy and my relationship. I am really enjoying staying home and being a mom. Life is GOOD! So thankful...

So now that I'm over my little tangent -- back to turkey day. We celebrated this year's Thanksgiving in the mountains with my side... Almost everyone was there -- but the Cook's had to stay home in anticipation of Baby Caroline's arrival (she came 11/29). We had a great time and even got to see a little snow!

Pics below:

Mom and Dad insisted Jimmy and I have some "us" time.. We didn't complain!

Jimmy has been doing the whole "movember" thing.. I'm ready to have my clean shaven Jimbo back :)

Pop keeping our energizer bunny busy :)

Chef Martha B made an amazing feast!

The boys braved the weather for stogies

Thanksgiving morning:

James... Loves "roar-ing" these days, haha:

Of course James was willing to take a pic during Wyatt's nap but not after:

James, still "roar-ing" - lol:

Adeline and James playing with Uncle Hunter:


A mountain family tradition: S'MORES!!!

Can you tell Nana and Pop brought the grand kids some cool hats back from San Francisco?

Adeline + James = trouble

All the boys enjoying cigars!

An attempt to get a group shot... The more bodies and babies -- the harder this gets!

It's so great having a house that fits us all -- we get to enjoy breakfast together too!

Hope you all had an amazing turkey day too!!