Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do Dogs Have a 6th Sense?

So... I don't know if it is Sadie's 6th sense, my wishful thinking or just random but today I took Sadie to the vet and homegirl was FREAKING out in the car (on the way there and home).

Now I hope the DSS of dogs doesn't read this because I'd for sure get locked up but she was wigging out so bad that when she finally crept in my lap in the car (yes, while I'm driving), I just let her (I know, I know -- that's horrible). Once she was cozied up in my lap she was fine.

Soooo... Is she telling me something is going to be happening soon..... Orrrrr am I just getting caried away??

Pic of Sadie girl, me and my round face - HA! :)

Office Personalities X 2

Soooo... Remember this post from January, Office Personalities? Well, this old co-worker no longer works at the Chamber but occasionally pops in for a hello.

What's the first thing she said to me today?

"Hey Cam.... Whoa...... Have you noticed you've gained a little weight?" ((as she starts stroking her face...)) "Your face is starting to look a little rounder.... yeah, definitely rounder...."

My response, "Yeah, well Debbie I think everyone puts on a few pounds when they are pregnant."


Monday, March 28, 2011


So I always heard how babies get hiccups while you're pregnant, but Baby Boy hasn't really had any hiccups... That was until Saturday morning.

Jimmy and I went to Aiken for an engagment party for Thomas & Mary Sims and when I woke up I noticed boo-boo-head had the hiccups! It was neat because Jimmy was up too, so he got to feel them on my belly. I just got them again at work... I guess now that he's head down -- he is getting the hiccups! :) ... which is strange because I thought you "drank upside down" to get rid of the hiccups?

(On Friday we went to the doctor for our 36 week check up and found out he is head down and probably weighing in around 5.5 - 6.0 pounds!) Next week he'll be full term... Crazy how time is flying!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Early? On time? Late?

We all know that only The Big Guy knows the answer, but here's a little "insider's" knowledge...

The doc told me you can tell a lot about how you'll deliver based on your family history (i.e. your mother, sister, grandmother, etc...). So I asked my mom, and with four kids within five years -- she doesn't really remember all the details but her response was, "Well.. I think y'all were all born around your due date." Thanks Mom, that helps ;-) haha, jk.

Then I went and asked my mother's mom when she delivered. Apparently poor Grandmomma was A MONTH LATE with my mom. (I'm blaming doctor error on the due date, what do you think?)

Then I asked my dad's mom and she said she didn't really remember but she thinks late. Shucks.

But a twist in the story -- mom said she knows she delivered all four of us on a full moon. So I went to the web and did a little research and the next full moon will be on April 17, ah ha! There is still hope!

And, a little side note about April 17 -- it is a birthday shared by many loved ones! Ma (my dad's mother), Tricia (my sister-in-law) and Cheryl (my mother-in-law) all share this birthday! Perhaps we can add our little man to the list of loved ones born on April 17??

Time can only tell... 32 days my little booboo..... or.... should I say 26?!?! :) One thing is for certain... he'll come when it is his time. Can't wait to hold you!!

PS-Thanks for all the quiz responses, and I'm glad to see my family and friends are for me going a little early vs. late. Whoever you are that selected "late" - well.. I'll find out WHO you are.. Just you wait ;-)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kids say the darndest things?! Ha. Old ladies say the darndest things!

So my title might be conceived as a little harsh, but come on - you all know it is true.

I went by the hospital to visit my grandmother today and I sat down in a chair and she looked at me (with large eyes) and said, "Wow.  You're BIG." I of course started laughing and said, "Thanks Grandmamma... I appreciate that...." and then she said, "Are you sure there is only one in there?!"

Funnily enough - my other grandmother's best friend asked me the SAME question at my baby shower last month.

Aren't they so sweet and innocent?! :) Hahaha.... but Lawd knows I love them so!

Old Man :)

It's official. I'm married to an old man. I'm the cool, young, hip (not so cute these days) trophy wife of only 27 years old, whereas my husband is one step closer to the big 3-0 at 28. :)

It's weird to think that this is our tenth birthday celebration together... I believe our first time celebrating Jimbo's birthday was freshman year of college at Fripp with a bunch of friends... Man, that does but it doesn't feel like forever ago. Although we celebrated Jimbo's birthday, the celebrations weren't quite equivalent to the celebrations we had 10 years ago.

Unfortunately for Jimbo we had signed up for a "Getting Ready for Baby" class yesterday (the only day the class was available). We did manage to leave work a little early and eat at Fitzpatrick's a fun, low-key Irish Pub that we like to frequent on occasion.

We then booked it to Greenville Hospital to try to figure out what we are going to do with this little Bambino when we bring him home in a little over a month. I learned a little bit, but I think the class was more for Jimmers (no offense, love ;-). He got to change his first diaper, and even swaddled a "baby," which I tried to document without much appreciation from Jimmy (pics below) - yeaaaa - we were that couple in class.

Seeing Jimmy actually change a diaper and swaddle a doll baby made everything feel just that much more real. He did a great job and I was so proud :) -- he is going to be a great daddy!

Something funny about Jimmy's birthday... You know how there are those Christmas cactuses? That bloom only once a year at Christmas? Well we have one of those, and did it bloom at Christmas time? No, it did not. But guess what?? It's blooming now! It must be a Jimmy Cactus, because it is in full bloom, just in time for Jimmy's birthday! I thought that was pretty special. We'll see when it blooms next year!

Happy 28th birthday Jimbo! I love you more and more everyday and I can't wait to embark on our next adventure together -- parenthood! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Water Breakage Scare

SIDE NOTE: I feel like whenever I have pictures to post I get behind on posting because it takes me longer to hook my camera up to the computer (even though it takes literally two seconds) -- but I wanted to share this story before I forgot... Pictures and a weekend recap to come soon of the Kane's visit to Greenville last weekend!

So this weekend my parents, Fran, David and Jimmy and I threw a little party for Mary Sims and Thomas, our friends who are getting married this summer (whoo hoo!). (A side note for those two love birds - Joy and I set them up - I'm sending in my resume to the Millionaire Matchmaker soon to start up an East Coast office.. I mean hey - so far my efforts have resulted in two marriages and two beautiful babies, and this isn't even my full time job! ;-))

So on Friday and Saturday Fran, Mom and I were getting the Loft ready for the fiesta. Saturday afternoon Frannie and I were trying to get these little candle things working outside. I was sitting down in a chair trying to figure it out. When I stood up I noticed there was a wet spot just where I had been sitting... I got a little nervous, so I went to the bathroom to "check things out." Sure enough - everything was SOAKED. I was like, "What the...? Could that have just happened?? What's going on...?!?!"

So then I ran back outside and I asked Fran why she thought only the spot I was sitting in was wet, and she just looked at me like I was crazy. She then said, it is probably the cushion, so then we started patting the cushion and nothing else was wet... I started to really freak out and of course the one comment that came to mind was (excuse the french, but just trying to fully capture the moment), "SHIT! I haven't even showered or put on my make up today!"

However.... as it turns out... it WAS the cushion - whaaaa whaaaaa. False Alarm. Please let me go ahead and disclaim that I did not wet my pants -- the question I get from everyone that I tell this story to. See "what had happened wasssss" the cushions were really wet! Mom went and solved the confusion by sitting in one of the other cushions.

WHEW. False alarm. I'm all talk saying I want him to come early -- I'm not ready! I have so much to do to get ready, but to say the least... this little episode has kicked my "nesting" into gear and I'm getting a lot of my "to do" list done for Baby Boy.

Less than 6 weeks my little man....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Boy's Two Favorite Things...

Everyone keeps asking me if he is moving all the time... and he does, for the most part, but the ways to really get our little man moving is to give him one of this two favorite things:

1). Food
2). Sleep

He gets the first from his daddy, and the second from his mama - haha... He is definitely a product of both Jimmy and I. Can't wait to hold you in my arms you little unnamed bundle of love (approximately 47 days to go)! :)

*Side note for those who don't know: Jimmy and I are waiting to see his little newborn face before we name him... That, my friends, is all Jimbo's idea. I'm so impatient, but I get it... I don't want to name him something he doesn't "look" like.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

While the girls are away...

... The boys will play!

Since the Howard ladies were all in Simpsonville for my shower, Dad, Hunter and Craig went to Fripp with three of the four grandchildren in toe. Dad sent us an email that said they had a great time, and this picture just sums up the weekend -- so cute!

Johnson's Creek Tavern has come a long way since we were crazy college kids! :)