Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wyatt Walked!

So I'm trying to finish catching up Wyatt's monthly post but in the mean time.... Wyatt walked! He took about 4 steps twice today while we were playing at the park. Yay for my big boy!

He is very into James and Sadie these days... They all play really well together... Well, until somebody gets hurt. ;)

Here's Wyatt hugging Sadie girl this morning...

James has been very sweet lately... Last night he got to watch The Land Before Time.... We held hands and waited on Jimmy to get home for work. Super sweetness.

Now.... It isn't all rainbows and lollipops :)

But when it's good.... It's very, very good!!

These boys are my heart. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wyatt is 9 months!

At 9 months Wyatt started getting his two snaggle teeth up top (not the front two, but the two on either side of the front two). Silly boy. :) He was still taking 2 naps and sleeping from 7:30 - 7:30. I might have included some of month 9 in the 8th month post... Oh well! Here is our life in pics:

Post nap snuggles with mommy:

He seriously is always happy. Even wakes up happy. Is always happy. Love him :)

James is so silly. This was at Nana and Pop's mountain house. He piled all the beanbags and we found him snuggled up. :) Too cute. Love him as well :)

So we went to the mountains to drop off those silly boys and Jimmy and I trucked up to Roanoke, VA for our first weekend away since Wyatt was born. We needed it.... and thoroughly enjoyed it! 

We checked in Thursday night and had a nice night on the town. Even found "Campbell Ave!" :)

This was at the rehearsal dinner Friday night. Everyone toasting the beautiful couple!

Jessie and I having fun!

The bride and I! :)

Caro and some of her bridesmaids :) LOVE

The beautiful bride on the trolley ride to the church. She was beautiful!

Post wedding - at the reception in our fancy bridal party suite!

Her flowers were GORGEOUS! Tons of peonies!

Mr. and Mrs. LaCroix :)

Jimmy and I :) LOVE HIM


We got back to the mountains on Sunday and were able to stay an extra night at the mountains since it was Memorial Day weekend. We got to spend some quality time with ol' Naners and Pop! :)

.. and some fun on the boat!

My two little dudes. Cruisin' on the lake!

Good thing dad has a good co-pilot. 

We got home and Sadie was super excited -- she even sat in James lap! He thought that was hysterical!

Weather keeps getting warmer and warmer - so we busted out James' birthday present, a cool water table!

Anddddd while we were at the mountains - Jimmy and Dad went and played golf. They took a certain little three year old. Well. That certain little 3 yo had to go peepee. They were out in the middle of the golf course. Dad and Jimmy had him go in the pinestraw. That little 3 yo now thinks it is so cool to go in the pinestraw. All. The. Time. WOOPS! :)

The high of the beginning of summer. So nice!

... and the pool opened!

Wyatt was excited for his first visit :)

James, aka mama's little helper, has started helping me in the kitchen here and there. I figured - if he helps make it... surely he will want to eat it? :)

Little Wyatt gets a little bigger and a little more independent every day!

He's getting close to crawling, but still isn't! He will go in circles, but not forward or backward. :) I'm not complaining... except those physical therapy appointments aren't cheap (nor convenient!).

Happy boy :)

James had his first dentist visit. It made it a little easier that he had hung out with Dr. Herrin a few times. He and his wife are friends of ours from our Sunday School class. He was so easy and patient with James. It went far smoother than I ever thought it would. Proud of that little guy!


Daddy introduced video games to James. They both LOVE it. right here they are playing Mario Kart. James "wins" every time. ;-) hehe.

James also started going down front at big church! Big deal!

Pool time fun as a fam!

Wyatt started riding like a big boy in the grocery cart. James was kind of excited at first... then Wyatt tried to grab his steering wheel. Uh oh. Watch out now. Look how he follows everything James does. Love it

He's such a good eater. Nothing he won't eat!

We've been hitting up the pool a good bit. I was nervous about balancing two kiddies with one me but it wasn't as bad as I thought. SCORE!

Sunday funday at the pool as a fam. James - always so excited to take a pic, ha!

Wyatt isn't pulling up but he will stand up if we set him up. Looks soooo big! TEAR.

We've been doing our summertime fun with our friends, the Clayton's (Nicole & Case). Here we are at Wholefoods for story, craft and snack time. 

I love how Wyatt will stay asleep when he knocks out in the car. Love it. James never did that. 

9 month photo shoot: